Your opinion on USB audio interfaces to avoid


I don’t know what your budget is like but if you’ve spent a couple hundred on plugins and again as much (or more) on a PC and a controller it seems reasonable to spend a similar amount on the most important link in the chain - the interface. USB gets a bad rep for audio but as long as you spend enough to avoid the cheap end of the market you get rock solid performance and latency better than most PCI interfaces. Point in case, the RME Fireface UCX or UFX. If you can’t spend that much at least aim for Babyface money. RME has best-in-business driver support, regularly updating drivers for interfaces over a decade old. Do yourself a favor and invest in one and you’ll rid yourself of a bunch of troubles forever.


Btw I would even recommend getting one second hand. Their value lasts so you can sell it on if you need to, and they have a fixed repair fee of 225e (ex VAT) if anything is ever broken.


Has anyone used the Alva Nanoface? It’s supposed to be made in conjunction with RME- it looks like an RME- but I’v read the driver support is nothing like RME’s. It looks like a great little no frills unit though.


Open Box from US distributor … At this price if it is stable it woulds be great.



Reverb has a few deals even better than that!


I really don’t mean to sound snarky, but usually you get what you pay for. Disclaimer: I agree that more expensive doesn’t ALWAYS mean better and I have no personal experience with that particular interface.


OK. Now maybe someone with some information about how it actually performs can weigh in. If it wasn’t produced in conjunction with RME I wouldn’t be bringing it up.