Your best buys in 2023

Absolutely 100%! I bought that, after having seen it mentioned in this thread, and it definitely delivers! Especially live, through a large sound system…wow!

I always wondered if anyone was going to do this. now they have :smiley:
I’d buy this just to play the finale part of Saint Saens 3rd in Cm.
So tempting …

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Because the Royal Albert Hall is in constant use it was never possible, without the cost of hiring the place while all the sampling took place. But then along came lockdown and suddenly the place was empty and they though “Why not?”

So at last - there was a real, tangible benefit of lockdown!


That makes perfect sense.
I am glad they thought “why not” and made use of the lock down for this.

It would have been awesome experiencing this performance in person
(starts at the oboes just before the finale starts)

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Wow, and those bass pedals in the last few bars in particular!!!

Did the organist start on the wrong keyboard at 29:28? We’ve all been there…

Someone should get the organist to reply on this thread: What foot controllers are you guys using to go to next song next section/part?

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Unsatisfied with a bass sound I had for a song in our worship band, I swopped it out for 2 instances for the Royal Albert Hall Organ, and set the left hand keyboard with “Chamber Woods” and “Full Promenade” on different MIDI channels for the introduction/first verse and Closing verse/chorus, and the results were awesome, especially the Full Promenade! Put through the church PA and it works like I imagine the real thing does, so you get the bass sound, but then you feel it as the resonances build up. Brilliant. I didn’t tell anyone in the band, and am waiting for feedback as people begin to hear and feel this awesome bass sound. And no, the song isn’t a traditional hymn where you mi9ght expect to hear a church organ. The song was only written a year or two ago, so the bass sound is unexpected, and as the 32 footer gets going it is superb!