Working on a new version of the Show Notes panel


Sorry @brad , I was referring to the commands you can insert into the songbook text file that can pause the scrolling for a predetermined time before resuming.



Ah ok… gotcha.


Part 5 - Scrolling


Will you be able to adjust the size of pdf or jpg files in the editor? Biggest hassle (for me) is getting an image of a lead sheet/music page to fit. I have to try different sizes outside Cantabile and copy into a note until I get the right size…ugh!



Am I reading this correctly: you have your control paint the entire text content and leave it to SkiaSharp to ignore the stuff outside the current view port?


Great job Brad! Absolutely useful! In cantabile and out :slight_smile: 30+


Yes, but note you can already do this in Cantabile’s current show notes panel. Ctrl+Page Up/Down will resize an image. (but note if you make too large it will be clamped to available space).


Not exactly. Only the paragraphs that intersect with the visible range are painted (see top/bottom coords on this method), but those paragraphs that do intersect are cropped using SkiaSharp’s clipping.


Yikes how did I miss that!