Windows update - simply annoying


I take to mean the “Microsoft knows best” arrogance which means that your finely tuned system settings are wiped out by an upgrade…


It’s like centralized government! In OS form! I’m an operating system Libertarian. :smiley: (Which should really mean I use Unix I suppose…)


It’s why my main computer is OS X. Much more pleasant than Windoze! Rock solid and far less frequent updates that you choose to apply when you want to.

I’ve kept my music PCs windows based as a cheaper platform, I need to keep at least one a PC for my Java librarian testing and some of my VSTs are WIN only. But I now have all of my PCs on WIN10 PRO, so I can now control the update cycle better, but even so, I may follow some of the tricks mentioned above.

FYI, here is where I got the WIN10 pro licenses from for £20



If I can figure out how to share a file, I’ll post my script. It’s a “simple” VBScript and a comma delimited text file listing the services and their displayed names. You can choose to (1) show the service state, (2) enable the services, or (3) disable the services. It uses IE to display the progress. The most complex part is the class to display IE.



One major reason some of us are running Win 10 is because the new CPUs won’t run older versions at all. I purchased Win 10 Pro for my current rig and have disabled the update service. It hasn’t tried to do any updates since disabling it but I get an error message after updating virus definitions in Defender. It still updates the definitions and works properly though.
Some people have said that somehow their disabled Windows update service enables itself at random times but I haven’t had that happen here yet.
I also did a full system backup when Windows was first installed and I do regular backups now using Macrium Reflect.


My main Cantabile PC updated itself earlier this week and lots of things just stopped working: I could no longer get midi in from any device, my external Tascam sound card stopped producing sound etc etc etc. Took me 3 full nights to get everything working again - had to resort to reinstalling drivers and all. Boo Microsoft! I’m going to disable updates!


Just out of curiousity, was part of the problem the permissions settings the new version imposes on people if they ever had changed them in the past? (That is, turning all permissions for audio input devices and cameras off?)



@terrybritton: I don’t really know what exactly fixed the problem - I tried so many things, including disabling and re-enabling the soundcard - what I do know is that I never touched permissions prior to the last update and I didn’t touch permissions to get it working again, so my answer is probably “no”


you CAN roll it back! Just grab the drivers for all your devices and let the fun begin. Microsoft has ‘generic’ drivers for your core hardware, (usually), and if not, the manufacturer will probably have them. It’s a pain, but well worth it!
Otherwise set all you known network ports to ‘slow connection’ and it won’t update. For others, there are registry edits and policy edits that can be performed. Go here for more info:


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