Windows Bluetooth-MIDI questions

I decided i wanted to have Cantabile control my guitar pedal (Line6 HX Stomp). It has traditional 5 pin midi inputs, but believe it or not, i haven’t had to use 5pin midi yet, as everything has been usb. Rather than getting an adapter and long cables i decided to try out BLE Midi.

I purchased the Yamaha MD-BT01 adapter, which is a little pair of 5 pin midi connectors connected with a 1" cable, which has the bluetooth wireless capability built in. It powers itself via the midi ports too. So, got that plugged in, and then went to the bluetooth settings on my older windows 10 machine, and it shows up. All good so far. However at this point, it doesn’t show in Cantabile as a MIDI device. I followed some online (including in this forum, thanks!) instructions, and found i need to install MIDIberry and LoopMIDI. I configured up both of those, and got it to work just fine.

My question is i’m a little concerned about having to run both of those all the time in a live setting (just more to go wrong). Any insight as to why the device doesn’t show just as a midi device when connected as bluetooth? One step further, when just running MIDIberry, some instructions say that it may show in DAWs with just it running, others need LoopMIDI also. Is it the implementation from Yamaha drivers, Windows itself, or Cantabile? Just curious.

Thanks in advance. This does seem like a pretty cool capability in the future, for devices that aren’t sitting right below the computer.


Currently Cantabile doesn’t support Bluetooth MIDI Devices. The code is mostly written but due to some thus far unresolved technical issues I’m not prepared to release it.

The best solution so far is like you’ve discovered use MIDI Berry and a virtual MIDI cable, or connect it via USB.

Thanks Brad,
I’ll keep on that path. But it is something in (semi)active development? Let me know if you need any testing help.


It’s definitely something I want to come back to. The issues were related to handling the case where the device isn’t present and I couldn’t get it to time out and reconnect in a reasonable manner. I was in discussion with some folks at Microsoft but the discussion just went dark. I will follow up on it but not until I have time to focus on it.

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I have the Yamaha BT-01 also. I don’t believe it ‘just works’ with Windows. While one can find articles about Windows 10 BLE MIDI I think it has to be natively supported in software, and I think finding that is rare. But don’t dispair. If you obtain a CME WIDI Bud, it can bind to your Yamaha BT-01 and both will work with Windows 10.

I got the WIDI Bud so an IK Multimedia Blueboard would work with Windows 10. This weekend I plugged the same WIDI Bud into a Raspberry Pi so I could control an open source lighting system with a MIDI keyboard (again the WIDI Bud is communicating with a Yamaha BT-01 plugged into a 5 Pin Midi Out).