Windows 10 USB probs Grrrrrrrrrrr


I do have to say, it (Windows MIDI problem) is much better. I haven’t had to clean out the device manager in a while. It seems like with 7, I had to clean it out once a week. Even with marked cables and USB ports.


Hi Richard

Just curious. What, specifically, do you clean out of device mgr?


Unplug all of your USB devices (esp. MIDI). Go to Device Manager. There is a setting “Show Hidden Devices”, I think on the View menu. Turn that on and look under “Sound, video, and game controllers”. Delete the greyed OUT instances of MIDI. When you get a dialog box, don’t choose to delete the driver. All of those greyed out instances are reservations Win has made for MIDI devices.


Thanks very much. I remember doing that quite awhile back, but couldn’t remember how I did it. I was having the same problems. After I started using a hub, those problems stopped. I still put all my MIDI devices in the same ports anyway. Of course, I am still with Win 7. Thanks for the reminder. Never know when I might need it again.




Downgrade to 8.1??? HORRORTUNE :clown_face:
No, serious? I think windows will nag every hour to upgrade?
And also W10 is way more optimised for music, isn’t it?

Disable by turning network to slow? How about network connections you have then ? I need to do backups and stuff over wifi.


At that point USB OBLIVION is your friend (but do backup first!).

And as mentioned, you can get WIN10 pro licenses from Software Geeks for around £20. Well worth getting to get update control back


Had the same problems (updates, glitches, MIDI device not working) since spring 2017 when i replaced my Win7 laptop.

+1 for the MIDI device number tricks. I deleted some MIDI devices hidden in the Device Manager to solve the problem and carefully plug everything in the same place.

I’ve been using my computer for everyday life and stage for 10 years without problems until Windows 10, that have been a nightmare.
The biggest problem being having glitches far too often. Looking into Task Manager, many problems were coming from Cortana, Windows Update, and other unwanted stuff running in the background.

I finally used “Destroy Windows Spying” 6 weeks ago after a complete system backup, as this a pretty radical process. But my nerves feel better since. Getting an error message when you click the “Windows Update” button is a bliss…

Did anybody had problems with DWS ?



I’ve never heard of DWS before, so googled it, and one of the first things that comes back is this article

Not saying it is right, but probably worth a read …


W10 vs. W 8.1 - The opposite is true RE: Automatic Update. In fact, W10 updates weather you want it to or not - It’s actually FORCED! (The only way around it is to configure ALL POSSIBLE CONNECTIONS to be ‘SLOW’ - W10 will not update on a ‘SLOW’ connection. The problem with that is when you connect to another (WiFi) network.) You can edit a simple policy setting (as I have) to completely disable Automatic Update on W8.1 ( or previous) or simply turn updating off.
I will not allow W10 to run on my (or my client’s) computers!

  • I’m MCSE, MCT, Azure Dude… 37 years of computer experience…


Or upgrade to WIN10 Pro (you can get OEM licenses for around £20) and get control of your updates back


Just reminder that if you happen to have Windows 7 Pro for some reason you can use it’s key to activate Windows 10 Pro:


Just because you TELL Windows that the connection is slow, doesn’t mean that it actually throttles the connection. You still get the same wire speed/bandwidth.