Why I switched from Forte to Cantabile

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To avoid delay a ‘bank’ recall is not really the thing.
It’s just the parameters, as would be the case if you were using DAW automation, that would be addressable I’m assuming.

It’s similar but different. All Parameters would save/recall all the parameters without reloading the plugin’s other internal content (eg: selected sample sets etc…).

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Spent the day working on tool tips. Coming soonish…


Wow, thanks Brad! This is exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned the great support with Cantabile. What other software can you make a feature request for and have it in development two days later?


Brad, to answer your question, yes, an all parameters Behavior would be very nice. I also wonder if it wouldn’t be helpful to make CTRL-A select everything except Entire Bank, even though that is not standard Behavior for CTRL-A. What I find myself doing with almost every rack is selecting all behaviors with CTRL-A, then manually deselecting Entire Bank, then exporting all those behaviors to the parents song. I understand why Entire Bank is an option, but even this thread shows there’s some confusion about what it does and it seems that for most people it’s best to leave it off.

This potentially ties in with my suggestion here. Perhaps one nice solution might be a drop-down at the top of the state behaviour list, for making pre-configured selections, with entries like “All”, “None”, perhaps some other useful combinations such as omitting Entire Bank, plus the ability to store the current state behaviour in a selection preset for applying to other objects.


New build hot of the press with a bunch of changes designed to help with usability/getting started.

All the details in this blog post


All very useful stuff - I especially like the split view editor!



I also like the split screen editor for racks and the new default rack route creation and semantics!



Brad, I don’t know how you did all of this in a matter of a few days. You’ve taken support to a new level! I just did a quick check of the new features and all seem to be working great. Thanks so much for implementing these.

Yeah, Brad works at an insane pace, and provides the most responsive support (and implementation of feature suggestions) of any software I’ve ever seen.

@brad, don’t burn yourself out!!!


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Fantastic stuff, Brad. I was reading through the blog post, saying “Yesss!!” to myself in every paragraph. Some really nice stuff in there, not just for new users. I particularly like the split song/rack view, and the split setlist/song parts view. I also welcome the hiding by default of some ports (loopback etc) - I wonder whether the inclusion of these hidden ports could be temporarily enabled by holding a modifier key when opening a port drop-down?

One suggestion - how about a keyboard shortcut to toggle between split/single view mode? It could be useful in situations where there’s a lot of stuff in the rack or song, to avoid the need for scrolling, for us keyboard junkies!


32 hours coding, 6 hours sleep… What could possibly go wrong? Bring on the weekend!

Keystroke to toggle zoom makes sense.


Great stuff @brad !!
Split screen very useful indeed.
Easier to deal with at a glance

It works for some plugins , but not for others…For example , in omnisphere , the plugins parameters only show numbers , and except for the level of Multis , even with all parameters ticked in state behavior , the states doesnt’ toggle the changes made in the plugin across various states (I hope you understand)…

I know ,it’s not very fair to say, but I think Forte , as tomboughner said, handles better this “plugin automation” , with snaphot system…
And the preset system is not ideal for the moment…

Is there a way you implement a system a little like in Forte for these plugins automation ( it’s the only part of the software where Forte is better in my opinion ) ?

Thanks @HAIKINE_Alexandre,

I’m not really sure what Forte could be doing besides either capturing the entire plugin chunk data, or capturing all the parameters which is equivalent to Cantabile’s pseudo presets and/or state parameter capture. I guess it’s just the usability model that’s different.

I’ll keep all this in mind and will probably address it when I come to Morph/Randomize where parameter presets will become more important.


I understand , Brad , but why In Omnisphre or in many plugins , the plugins parameters show as numbers only , and even with all ticked , any change in the plugin is not stored and applied across the states ? (Maybe you could try yourself with Omnisphere ? )
Is there a way to make it work ?

I’m about 99% sure that Forte stores the entire plugin chunk data,which is what most audio software does (at least in my experience). With most software, anytime you save a project, the software grabs the full chunk data from each plugin and stores it as part of the project. That way, even if the plugin parameters are set to a custom configuration (not a preset), the plugin will still load with the correct parameters when the project is reloaded. I think this is why Cantabile’s way of handling plugin data is not intuitive for some - it is different from the way other audio programs do it.

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I believe you are correct. I had a conversation with Mike about the BLOB associated with each setting. Kontakt breaks that model regularly.

Hi Alexandre,

Have you seen this instruction page for Omnisphere, it may hold the answer to your problems.

more here :

Hope this helps …


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