Which iOS apps are similar to Cantabile


There are times where I do not need the power of Cantabile on stage. Any experience using iPads live? Looking for something that will not only bring apps together, but will allow me to split and layer. I Have very limited knowledge of Auria, Cubasis, AUM, and others…but not really seeing what I am looking for…if it exists.


What type of apps do you mean when you say “bring apps together”?

Cantabile can be so complex or simple as you like. But even in a simple setup it will have its advantages


I hate to say it but Cantabille on Surface Pro ???


Check out Audiobus 3, MiMix and iMidiPatchBay.


Unfortunately, my Surface Pro does not have sufficient intern memory. Otherwise it would have been great for Cantabile (in combination with the right soundcard, that is…).


Weird, I thought I posted an earlier reply. Guess it didn’t post. Or…I didn’t press post. Lol.

Anyway, I will check out LeesKeys apps.

Also, I have SampleTank for IOS, Korg Module, of course GarageBand, BeatMaker 3, and a few other apps. I love how ST for IOS is set up for splits and layers, but would like more flexibility, especially organs on the fly.

Thanks for the replies.


iPads max out at 4 gig I believe. I’m surprised the MS Flagship devices don’t have like 16 gig or so.
Aren’t they W10 64bit etc …?
The only IOS music app I’ve ever looked at is Yamaha’s Synth Book just for laughs. It soon took the smirk off my face.
Still, shouldn’t be surprised IIRC it’s ‘sorta’ BSD Unix with a nice shell.


The top Surface Pro model has 16GB, which should be enough.


I run C3 on an old Surface Pro2 with an i5, 4GB RAM, 128 GB HD…play split left hand bass with it.
Many Bass vst, VB3, Lounge Lizard, Arturia stuff…no hiccups following the optimizing guide pdf. on this group. Fantastic. Unbelievable.
I tried the iPad for awhile with a Korg app but it just didn’t satisfy…no flexibility for splits and layers. No comparison to Surface/C3.
Now I just use my iPad for OnSong and to keep up with gig schedule (band leaders calendar is on iOS). But even OnSong is getting slowly replaced…just found out I can put lyrics up on C3 :grin: