What would your keyboard rig be if

No polyaftertouch, and mine felt no different to that of any of the semi-weighted Yamaha boards in my list.

Well, I don’t have any pictures of my first organ because at the time my parents could not afford a camera. They did buy me an electric fan harmonium for my birthday, though, and I’m still proud of how they went out of their way to make my dream come true of owning an organ and learning how to play it. Mine looked a lot like the Farfisa in the picture, though I’m sure it was a cheaper remake. It closed like a suitcase and the legs screwed off and could be stored in a recess at the back of the organ. There were two volume “settings”, which basically pushed more air into the thing. I loved it.


Here we go… I’m sure I forgot some stuff, but it’s still a big list and I wouldn’t have the room to store all this stuff.

  • denotes gear I still own

Rhodes (1973 model bought in 1975 with money from my 8th grade graduation)
ARP Odyssey
Mutlivox Multiman (basically the Crumar orchestrator under a different name)
Farfisa Minicompact
Farfisa Compact Duo
Korg Poly800
Yamaha Electric Grand
Yamaha DX7*, QX7, TX 416* Rack (4 modules)
Sequential Prophet 600
Roland D50 and D550*
Oberheim OB8 (which I could crash at will)
Ensoniq ESQ-M
EMU Emuilator II
Roland R8
Minimooog Model D
Casio FZ1
Alesis D4*, QS7* and QS8*
Yamaha CS1-x
Yamaha SY55
Yamaha MOXF8*

And the non-synth classics…
Hammond M3 (two of them - long story)
1959 Hammond RT3* and Leslie* (it was on my bucket list)
Yamaha C3 Grand Piano*


I don’t miss any of my past instruments because I was never satisfied with any of them when I had them.

I started on a cheap knockoff of a Farfisa, when what I really wanted was a Vox Continental. When I got a real Continental what I really wanted was a Hammond B3. When I got a Hammond, I really wanted a road crew to carry it for me.

I do, however, miss the keybed of the Hammond. If only somebody would sell a (non-OEM) MIDI controller with waterfall keys!

These folks sell one … and they make MOJO hammond clone as well


Very cool. Thanks for the tip.

Shame it costs as much as a Crumar Mojo. :frowning: