What CC nr is pitch bend defined in the buttons

Hey guys,
Im adding a pitch button to my control set below.
This way I can check the status, because, believe it or not, my akai already gave up again, all sounds are detuned because of a unstable pitch pot meter :-/

I added mod also $(CC(1))
But can I add pitch since it’s not a cc?

Yes, use this variable


Allrightttt :grin: thx
I should have rtfm probably? Lol

I had to filter pitchwheel for one of my Axioms. I’m hoping I can fix it at some point

Where / how / in what context is this used? I can’t find any other relevant discussions, so I don’t know where to start looking.

Hi Andy,

It is used as a variable string label in the Custom buttons of the controller bar and the show notes screen. It allows you to see the value of a controller you are adjusting in real time, like a slider or expression pedal or in this case a pitch wheel value.

To use the variables you route the desired pedal, wheel or slider CC values to the Onscreen Keyboard output port so it can be read and displayed by the string variables you placed in the appropriate text boxes of the Show Notes or the Controller Bar buttons labels.

The basics of the variables and syntax are pointed to at this link.



Thanks Dave, but how do I even get to the controller bar or the show notes screen? I don’t see them in the menus. I’ve had Cantabile for a few years now, and I don’t remember ever seeing those. Is it just something that the Solo license doesn’t allow me to use?

Yes, sorry Andy the Show Notes and Controller Bars features are only on the performer version.


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Thanks, Dave.

After all this time, I’m still confused when I read about features I haven’t seen or used. I’m never sure if it’s something I’m not supposed to have, or if I just didn’t know it was there. I’ve occasionally tried to make inroads into the documentation but never got very far, partly for the same reasons.