What are your favo plugins you are using?


Hi folks!

Just discovered this awesome polyphonic pitch shifter:
Very very good for backing vocals
and its FREE!!! :smiley:

kind regards


Thanks Alexander for the share. Just downloaded it.




Sounds very cool! Unfortunately only in 32bit and I don’t want to use jBridge because of one VST :frowning:


jbridge is good ! :slight_smile:


most Time i use C3 in NullAudioMode to command my Soundhardware…

but there is one helpfull Plugin for DMX…
In the past I tested some DMX-Interfaces and it was very complicated for me to
make an easy LigthSetup with DMX-software.

Now I use the Enttec Dmxis 512‑channel Interface and this is Perfect for C3 because it is possible to use the Software as Plugin…

…so I can have some Instances of this ‘easy to use’-Tool

It mean’s i can build one Rack for each Scanner, LEDBar or something else
with States I can Control the presets now very easy… Perfect Tool!!!

because I have found a easy way for me to have nice Midi-timed effects

(sometimes there are little problems with C3 but I think it is to handle)


Very nice,
I’m using dmxis also and loving it. Lately i installed the plugin in my song presets also so that’s 1 preset per song, with the states it would be possible to change light presets also indeed.
But I’m not gonna be a light jockey also.
Anyway, good plugin and i can use it to control my smoke machine also.


VB3 for organ
Kontakt for samples (New York Grand, clav, and Session Horns Pro, etc.)
Lounge Lizard for Rhodes and Wurli
Omnisphere (1.5) for synths

  • MiniV and Prophet V
  • Soundforce SFC-Mini control surface for the mini V
    Guitar Rig for effects

I usually load piano, horns and Lounge Lizard into linked racks
I also have the VB3 in a linked rack with some effects (compression and noise gate)

Sometimes I load other plugins (2600V, Oberheim, etc.) based on the song, but the above are my go-to plugs for live work.


Most recent fun toy is the XILS PolyM. Too awesome. :smiley:


I love my Xils toys (Poly KB III, Xils-4, Oxium) and have yet to spring for the new PolyM. Soon!

But recently, one plugin (that isn’t a synth!) has changed things around here quite a lot, and by itself breathed new life into my hardware stuff - TX81Z, Korg Wavestation keyboard and SR rack, ESQm which I pulled out to add layers without using CPU. Makes the Xils-4 shine, along with everything else this plugin touches.

That amazing plugin is - the UltraReverb by Eventide!

I am a reverb junkie, and have too many really, but this one really stands out for the kind of ethereal, other-universe sound I love. To hell with natural sounding! (I also have Eventide’s Black Hole…) One can DO natural sounding with UltraReverb, but … why??? :smile:

I kid you not - I really am a reverb junkie. Here is what UltraReverb competes with in my setup:

Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Plugin Bundle (iLok)
Lexicon PCM Native Effects Plugin Bundle (iLok)
Eventide 2016 Stereo Room (iLok)
Eventide Black Hole (iLok)
MH HaloVerb (iLok)
Poor Plate Reverb Freebie (Site down)
PSP PianoVerb Free
PSP Springbox
Exponential Audio R2 (iLok)
Nomad Factory Blue Verb
LiquidSonics Reverberate 2
Focusrite Reverb from bundled plugin suite
SurrealMachines Diffuse
KResearch Space

Although I am officially mad due to advanced Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS), I’d like to mention that I DID wait for sales on each one of these!!

UltraReverb wins in my opinion.



You should try “Toraverb” from D16. All their plugins are stunning!


I assure you, now that you’ve brought it to my attention - I SHALL!!! :man_farmer:

(I told you I have the advanced expression of GAS…)


EDIT: Definitely Toraverb is a contender.


Haha! I do also own the Syntorus… a HUGE chorus plugin! :wink: Give it a try. I think they have trial versions.


I’ve had that one for a month now - grabbed it on sale, of course! (Sale still going on!) Makes the ESQm really NICE! Permanent part of its rack now. :wink:

It will see many other applications, to be sure. You are right that it is an incredible chorus plugin - very very nice!



I love Avenger plugin, sonic very nice and huge possibility, only it’s high on cpu (considered with synth1)
Here’s what I made yesterday, no samples, all Avenger (1 preset)


Ultrareverb is what I use live for all my reverb right now. But I recently blew through the retirement fund and got the Seventh Heaven ‘Bricasti M7 emu’ reverb from liquidsonics and must say sonically it whoops the ultra (but at a high cost if you get the pro model), more for studio. My favorite plugin lately has been B5 Hammond emu.




That retirement fund is so easy to blow thru :notes::notes::notes::musical_keyboard::sweat_smile:


I love Black Hole. It’s all over everything on the last album. We joked about just running the mix through it.


I have Liquidsonic’s Reverberate2, which came with a bunch of Bricasti impulses done the Liquidsonics way, with the Fusion-IR tech.

From their site:

The LiquidSonics Fusion-IR presets are provided free of charge as an additional download. These cover every preset from the Bricasti M7 (v1 and v2) and a collection of chambers, halls, plates and rooms from a wide range of other digital hardware reverbs.

So, I figured I had them in the bag - but the price difference of Seventh Heaven Professional would indicate otherwise…



The Seventh Heaven was re-sampled with some new techniques and more multi round robin samples so a more user friendly gui is available which is closer to the controls on an M7 but with less flexibilty than reverberate (I don’t own this but have tried it). Instead of 2 convolution engines there are 3. The simple version is excellent for the money and not too bad on cpu. I use it as much as the pro version. Extremely good on vocals pianos acoustic guitars. If you’re a reverb lover it’s a must check out!



Been bitten by the Blue3 Hammond plug-in. It’s now my default for all Hammond sounds.