Volume rack on change rack



I’m sorry to ask all the questions, the possibilities are very great, this software is amazing.

I have 2 Racks RackPiano1 and RackPiano2. Two sliders gain on my piano for each rack.
It works.

Song 1 : RackPiano1 and RackPiano2 gain at 0 db (for the piano1)
Song 2 : RackPiano1 and RackPiano2 gain at 0 db (for the piano2)

I’m on Song 1, i touch the slider at -4 db
I load the Song 2, the slider come back to 0db, and i don’t want, i want he stay on -4 db.

Is it possible ?

In fact, this 2 racks will be the same comportement than the master level.


You have to do this change inside the rack to make it persistent.

The gain slider on song level can be different in every song.


Thank you FantomXR


Hi lolol,

You could achieve the desired result by controlling with the sliders the gain of the virtual instruments inside each rack and disable State Control and Exported Behavior for those Gain Levels.


Thank you but I don’t find the solution.

Everytime i change a song, the slider rack gain in the column control of the rack is changing and i don’t want.
I just want to change only with my keyboard.

Sorry i’m french and i don’t speak very good english.


The gain for the rack (as shown in the song) is part of the song, and it is saved with the song - there is no way around that; that’s how Cantabile works.

The thing that you can do is use the output gain WITHIN the rack and control it with a binding:

As long as your rack stays in memory (you need a pre-loaded setlist for that - see the guides section), the internal output gain within the rack will stay where you have set it with your keyboard. That’s the way to achieve what you are after.




Thank you Torsten,
very good. I’ve tested your printsreen binding, it’s ok perfect.
But now how to use the output gain without the rack (it’s for another slider of my keyboard) ?


Not sure what you mean - can you elaborate what exactly you are trying to achieve?


Thank you, all is ok.

My live configutation : 2 keyboards. Piano1 and Piano2
On my piano 2 i want a physical Slider to control the vsti sound played by the piano 1
On my piano 2 i want a physical Slider to control the vsti sound played by the piano 2

In C3 I use 2 racks empty, just for routing, this racks are respectively connected to my 2 physical sliders. I connect the gain with Binding (thx Torsten).

My plugins are in 6 racks and I connect this racks like i want.

IT’S PERFEEEEECT. I’m very happy, the config is clean and powerful.
Amazing software.