Visual indication of leslie slow/fast

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I love this list!! Thanks Corky! It didn’t occur to me that I could bind the VST settings to send the MIDI out to the Mojo. The issue I was attempting to fix was to have the flashing Leslie speed light on the Mojo reflect the current patch. I use rack states to switch patches and VSTs (VB3-II or B-3X). I have both of those VSTs in a single ‘B3’ rack.

Just to be clear, I don’t use States to control the Leslie speed, only to change patches. The problem was that if I was using Leslie fast and then switched to a different patch, the Mojo Leslie light would still be flashing ‘Fast’. Now, thanks to your suggestion, it syncs properly (at least with B-3X - not VB3-II).

Using the mouse in the GUI for VB3-II, will switch the Mojo appropriately, but switching from one VB3-II patch to another using States, the settings are not being reflected on the Mojo. I saw some other posts about VB3-II and patches not sending parameters, so I’m wondering if that might be the issue.
Thank you, - David

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The problem behind this is that Cantabile doesn’t “see” that parameters have changed inside a plugin due to patch changes. The only way around this is to use parameter changes instead of patch changes.

To illustrate this: I put my Hammond B3-X inside a rack, then set the “state behavior” for all relevant exposed VST parameters (e.g. drawbars, amp drive, vibrato, …) to “on”. Now for any rack state, Cantabile will remember these parameters, so when selecting a rack state of this rack, all these parameters will be set to the values saved in the rack state. In this case, Cantabile is definitely aware of these parameter changes, and is able to send them out via bindings.

In this way, I use rack states as a kind of instrument patch - with the advantage that such patch changes tend to be smooth and avoid nasty pops or clicks that can happen when recalling full snapshots (e.g. with FabFilter Pro-Q, which will create some nasty clicks when recalling a full snapshot, but will stay quiet when I use this parameter approach).

It’s a bit convoluted, and not all instruments and effects expose all relevant parameters to Cantabile - in some, there is no other way but to use snapshots to recall a plugin preset.

Hope this helps - give me a shout if you want to know details…




As Torsten said, you really need to set up a rack. Once you change states in a rack, you will discover how quick and seamless changing patches can be.