Very nice piano sample set on sale

In the context of a mix I’m working on it’s definitely better collapsed to near mono. But you know how that goes, totally material dependent. That said, for whatever reason to me it sounds better to use the Width control in the plugin interface as opposed to the DAW. Maybe it collapses it before any post sample processing in the plugin might be why, not sure.

Here’s a short clip of the C300 with some processing in context of a rock/orchestra fusion test mix. Piano is collapsed to within 15% of mono. Excuse the so-so playing…I drew the sequence with a mouse since I don’t play keys, lol. Also, its a headphone mix that hasn’t been through monitors yet, so no guarantees on translation.

BTW, the jangly, slightly discordant highs in the piano are added for this song using Blue Labs pitch shifter up one octave and then backed down 6 cents and mixed about 7% wet, and a “sizzler” small plate reverb.