Use Cantabile 3 with a Tablet via TouchOSC and TouchOSC Bridge

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Hi Steve,

Not an expert on TouchOSC but it act’s like an external MIDI Device so the following should help.

This would do the meter trick in a vst. This plugin works great but is pricey. Blue Cat DP Meter Pro

This would cover the streaming midi cc data and you could send peak or rms level meter data from what I read.

From the Blue Cat site :

“All envelopes (peak, RMS, crest factor…) can be reused for additional monitoring or side chaining purposes: combined together, reversed, modified and recorded as automation curves or sent as MIDI CC messages, they can control other effects in real time.”

On the question of always getting the TouchOSC to sync with the level slider in Cantabile at the beginning of a Song and the question of reflecting Rack Gain Slider changes to the TouchOSC while in a going song the following steps create a setup that

  • has a binding at Song level that generates CC#7 data from a given Rack Gain Slider movement and sends it to external out

As far as I know this is the only way but @brad might be able to clarify and some simplification of this may be in the pipe to include in future versions.

The following is an example, We have a rack (gain to midi test)

we add this kind of binding at song level for a continuous controller

And this kind for a switch setting (under our previous entry)

All done … When you move the Gain slider on the rack the midi cc 7 data will be sent to external MIDI in real time and when you save the song the Rack Gain Slider position is saved. When you next load that song the rack gain value is sent to the binding we made and it generates and sends a proper CC#7 value to the external MIDI device to match the last saved rack gain of the song . So from my experiments this one binding does it.

Hope some of this technique helps even if it isn’t elegant it does check out as working.


Thanks Dave, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I’ll study that and try it. Here’s a link to a Youtube video that is basically what I need to do, only in Cantabile instead of Traktor.

Thank Dave

Steve d

Dave, I’m trying to duplicate your example, without any luck. How are you assigning a controller under action? Also, I don’t have external synth as an option. Is it possible that you are using Performer? I’m using Solo. Are they different in this respect?

Steve D

Hi Steve,

Yes, that’s probably the problem, I’m sorry I missed that. this is working in Performer. The External synth was just used for an external MIDI out port to test the bindings, You would have wanted to bind from your Rack as the source and to the TouchOSC as the target instead of the External Synth.


Hey @terrybritton,

Did you get this app figured out to work in your setup? And to what extent (receive, transmit,reflection of values from pad to pc)?

I made a surface and it works

but is doing a few funky things … ex. jitters when moving sliders with feedback binding employed and loss of some controls (sliders) while buttons still work. All short range wireless linkage. Oh, and the PC file storage of the Touchosc files dosen’t like Alt characters much either so i have to restore them on each edit session. The app will also work with rtpMIDI as an alternative to the OSCBridge. The edited patches do however transfer through sync to the pad quite well with special characters intact. Any new info or experience would be welcome and Happy New Year!



Nice work @dave_dore!
Is it on Android or ios Device?
Would you like to post the TOUCHOSC File here?


Hi Steffen,

Thanks for the kind words. :smiley: It was made for iPad. I can post it but I would be concerned that the special characters I used (Alt type like ♫) wont translate on other computers when syncing the saved file directly to touchosc on the pad. I’m apparently playing outside the rules on the text limitations of the editor and file storage formatting and have found a way to trick the app editor into allowing the transfer of the characters to the TouchOSC app in ios. Once on the device they stay but on the editor if saved they always come back garbled on the specials. This is the file that was saved that synced the correct characters but does not show them when brought back up for editing.

wild eh … so I have to replace the characters when I start the edit session but do not have to resize them, that gets remembered properly in the file save. I then do a sync to the pad and it gets the look with the special characters I want.

Are you sure you want to mess with all that?

If so I can post the TouchOSC file and the special characters in a text file so you could cut and paste them or … I could post this more generic version using type-able ascii with none of the extra work shown below. I made a special rack that I can load as an embedded rack in the background rack to get the global bindings or drop into each song as a linked rack that matches the touchosc binding mapping if you use the indexed system. I also routed the rack so i could turn off the feedback to the pad by disabling a single MIDI output port route outside the rack if it caused trouble. (it works but it’s a little funky on the sliders … jittery … so the returns to the pad can be turned off and it has smoother gui appearance when moving a slider control)

edit note : updated I edited the first page in the TouchOsc Generic file to include new second page of indexed controls.

Let me know what you think or works best for you before I post anything,


I have to revisit this on my Android tablet and see if I can figure out what was causing me problems.

This looks nice what you’ve made for your iPad, though!!! :slight_smile:


Hey @terrybritton Don’t the touchosc files auto size to the different devices? That’s how the iPad treats it here, if it is created for an iphone in the editor and saved as a file that way it still stretches out to the size of your pad when loaded by the ios or android app.


I think so, even though the designer app has you pick a screen type. I have to fire up my Android Nexus 7 and give this a fresh look!


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I had a go with TouchOSC some time ago, mainly because I was looking for a touchscreen interface close to my keyboards to control the Mobius looper. I started creating a small interface for my Samsung Tab A. Since then, I have had to abandon my little project due to lack of time.

I also dabbled with an interface for Cantabile, for the same reason (my tablet is right in front of my eyes, while my Cantabile laptop sits further away on the side). I created some gain controllers for individual plugins and push buttons to skip directly to a different song in the set list.

I find TouchOSC an interesting concept and really easy to work with (creating the interfaces above just took me 15 minutes max. each) but again, it will take more time to really make this a feasible option for me. Meanwhile, I will keep on using my controller Nektar Impact to control Cantabile.


Hey @terrybritton,

Here is the latest TouchOSC version of my C3 surface thingy …

Main page

Indexed Page

and a mini keyboard with transpose

I really got to use a bunch of @brad’s extensive bindings choices I never used before. The matching control rack in C3 for is really something in terms of variety and complexity.


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Very cool Dave. :grinning:

Wow! Cool Dave!
:+1::+1::+1: :sunglasses:

@dave_dore - Total AWESOMESAUCE!!! :smile:

I’m stealing every idea! :wink:


Did some more detailing on the metronome, added root marker led, switchable time signature, true BPM readout for tempo, gradients on speed slider and 0 db ticks on main gain sliders, midi cc value readout on main sliders and lots of improving visual details and placements … so new main page now

I have decided to go with a drop in linked rack to handle the Touch OSC control surface, In order to do the Time signature return metronome led patterns I used CC Stepper from Code49 and created a state for each time signature. With the linked rack it should be portable. I am going to populate it on to some more machines and see what I can completely break :grin:



My eyes are popping out of my head!!! I WANT THIS!!! :crazy_face:

Gosh, Thanks @terrybritton, I will check for any more bugs for a few days and if I think it’s good I’ll see about posting it with some instructions on adapting it to your rig if you’re serious about wanting it.



Me too !!!

You bet Steffen , I would post for all once it’s debugged a little :grinning: