Uhhhh... crap? New OS updates may kill processor speed by 30%?!


I see lots and lots of issues with many VSTs trying to run on Mac. I really think that Windows, for all its faults, is stronger for a DAW in general. Not to mention the flexibility and better cost in creating a custom machine.


OX S is by far a superior OS to Winddoze, but nothing is perfect. I’ve stuck to a PC platform for music as I need at least one PC in my house for my own development testing, and I have a few VSTis that are Windows only, so it makes sense to stick with it. I haven’ seen any performance issues yet with latest Windows updates use to patches for these vulnerabilities, but I think it depends on the age of the processor?


The vulnerabilities, as someone said, are on most modern processors (not Intel Itanium) and OSs. Includes Linux, Mac (based on Unix), and HPE NonStop OS. The vulnerability (in a nutshell) has to do with the way the processors “guess” at what instructions may be executed next, and the way they prepare for those instructions. Disabling some or all of the instruction prediction will make the processor execute slower. Some of the remediation provided may be switchable on or off after they are installed.


Okay, so if getting rid of MS is not the answer then what is needed is a way to make switching platforms/releases/whatever painless. I’ve stuck with Microsoft from the beginning, and have been burned over and over again. Every time there is an OS “upgrade” either my old software is handicapped, or the stuff I had created with it is no longer able to run, or both. In once case, I lost all the music I had composed note-by-note because the new OS would not allow the old software to run.

This time I had to reboot my machine, reloading the OS. It told me my files would not be lost – not true. Also, my Glitch Free settings all went to caca. MS is costing me too much time.


This is one of the primary reasons I have Windows update service disabled. No updates for me here. The last update I ran was prior to the Meltdown and Spectre patch and I will NOT be applying these patches here thank you very much Microsoft!


Here’s the latest, for any who would dare to contradict me for hating Windows. For about 2 weeks now, my Windows 10 machine insists on installing ?something?. When I let it, it takes a long time to shut down and then restart, and then it says that the install was unsuccessful – no clue why. I’ve Giggled it and others are experiencing the same.


Oh there’s TONS of reasons to hate Windows. I just don’t find enough benefit in any other platform to warrant switching to it. I’d be on Linux if I could run what I want to run. And Mac has its own set of issues I’d rather not deal with. I can tame Windoze. But it’s a PITA for sure.


David, thanks, I too have now disabled Windows updates.

I got this machine second-hand, no disks. It had some version of MS Office working fine. I had to reinstall Windows 10, and now I can’t find MS Office. Anybody know where the Office suite startup would be hidden? I’ve got some version of MS Office on my old XP, again no disk. Any ideas on how I could move that XP version over to W10. What a nightmare.

I’m not going to buy MS Office software. I have Open Office working but the old .doc and .docx files don’t appear the same as before.


Whenever you reinstall an operating system, you need to reinstall all the applications as well.



Eh, ah. (Canadian for yep)


LibreOffice 6.0 (free download) seems to be a better substitute for MS Word than OpenOffice, in that it does not use a funky .odt extension. What a pity that the MS Office suite got clobbered on reboot without a means to get it back (other than to buy it again, bull! to that)


Personally, I have not had that many problems with Windows at all. I have (and will) always owned good quality computers, making sure they always have more hard drive and memory capacity than the going standard at the time og purchasing a new computer. I love the flexibility a Windows system offers. Windows 10 has been very stable for me, although I do hate the fact that some settings tend to be reset to the default setting after installing an update. Cantabile itself is, of course, rock solid. Like many of you, I run it on a dedicated music PC. No computer system is perfect (Macs certainly aren’t).