Triggers at transport position

Hey All,

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but nobody has ever asked for it until today - so I’m putting it out there.

How useful would it be to be able to invoke an action (probably a trigger, or a binding, not sure) when the master transport crosses a particular time/position?

ie: time based triggers



That would be great for MIDI triggered events, e.g. lights, etc.

That would be excellent!! My band uses backing tracks on a couple of songs for special effects/ambient stuff, and we have a click track to keep us synchronised with the backing, so that rhythmic effects happen at the right time. Being able to trigger actions at specific points would allow things like automatic song state changes. It could also do cool stuff like advance to the next song at the end of a backing track.


I pretty much echo the previous posts, sounds useful for a variety of uses.

another plus 1 from me

Yup, sounds like a great addition.

BTW: you can already do some of this today: use a MIDI file in a MediaPlayer and use a loopback MIDI driver to send MIDI commands from Cantabile to itself (e.g. program changes). These MIDI commands can then (through bindings and connected triggers) control some aspects of Cantabile. A bit convoluted, but workable :wink:

So if you run a “control” MIDI file slaved to your backing track and routed to your loopback port, you can actually automate state changes or automatically pause your backing track at a certain point in time…

Equally, MIDI triggered lights are already possible: simply slave a MIDI file with the light commands to your backing track…

But addressing this directly in the timeline would be far more elegant…



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This would be GREAT!!!

I use backing tracks exclusively and play guitar with a Fishman Triple Play for MIDI so my hands are pretty tied up and don’t have kbd MIDI control options (sliders, buttons, etc…) easily at my disposal. I frequently change patches/sounds for different song sections and having then change by a song position type of trigger would be amazing.

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Ha! I need exactly this function. :heart_eyes:

It would be cool to have two ways to do it:

  1. program the control changes with an external midi software
    Cantabile should then be able to route a specific midi file from the media player back to cantabile.
    (so that cantabile reacts to controlchanges - to make it possible to switch between songs and states)

  2. Do it directly within cantabile. Maybe like this:
    In the “Triggers”… “Add Trigger”, then the new trigger-type “Song Position”.
    Maybe directly include the song position within the “event” tab. (just like it works no with “custom event”)

Would be cool… because… why switching manually - if a computer can do this more precise and easier? :wink:



Very good idea !

Could be so useful for a lot of situations we didn’t even think already ! :wink:

Hey guys…I agree. Make sure you vote for it in Trello. Democracy is as great thing!

I switch a lot of things based on song position and this would be perfect!

Just what I was wondering today! I could send Song Load and Page Turn messages to all of the iPads in the group (slaved to my iPad running “OnSong”! :+1:

Hi @dhsherbert

Yep it’s on my todo list, but there’s a few curly technical issues which I’ve not found a good solution for yet. It’ll probably be high priority once code freeze is over (but no promises at this stage).


Very good id !
I use it all the time in Reaper !
Maybe look at their system? You can create your own actions and copy that id number to the marker on the timeline.
Is it possible yet to go forward in the timeline to certain positions (markers?)
Would be handy to add my >> button to it.

Can you check for the video as media also (link to VLC) as in Reaper, than all my sorrows are gone in life ! :wink:
This way I can have a full setup for reaper:

  • add start stop or goto events (ex. next state)
  • a timeline to invoke midi parts or CC/PC actions
  • run certain video from the timeline

I know C3 isn’t a DAW, but in this way it’s very handy to play song by song (and their daw specific functions)

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Brad, it would be great for me; I have also asked it many times.
Each my song has a midi file synchronized with the master. Automating the state change based on the transport position would be fabulous !!!

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See here: Sneak Peak - Transport Triggers


Another great feature, Brad :slight_smile:

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Brad … I do not say anything else … you’re legendary …