Trigger status change with Transport

Hi everyone, I need help.
I have a song with inside 2 media player:

  • MediaPlayer1: contains a synchronized MIDI files with the master
  • MediaPlayer2: contains an MP3 file synchronized in RealTime

The song has 4 states.
With the new release of cantabile, I can automate with a trigger the change of status with the Transport?
For example, change state when the Transport is to a certain line?
If so, how?

There is currently not automated way to change state at a certain transport position (it’s on the wishlist and - I guess - on @brad’s backlog). But there is a way to get to this (provided you’re willing and able to edit your midi files):

if you define a binding from a controller (e.g. #75) to “next state” and then edit this controller into the MIDI file at the right positions, you can then connect your media player (1) to the loopback port connected to the binding (filter out everything but this controller in the respective route). Now your MIDI player should trigger the “next state” binding at the right point - essentially, you can “remote-control” Cantabile from within…

But it’s a bit fiddly, I admit - it would definitely be easier to simply set up a binding “position reached” if this source was available. There’s always hope for a future release…



This feature is on my todo list here.

Thanks for the answers.
Brad, for me it would be great to have this implementation.
I hope you can get it soon …

Yep, it’s pretty high on the list and I don’t think a basic implementation will be too hard (famous last words).

By basic implementation I mean something where you need to manually enter the trigger times (as opposed to some nice gui editor on the timeline panel for example).

I’ve got a couple of other issues I need to get resolved before moving on this however.

Double ditto! This would be a huge feature for me.

Manual entry of trigger time s/b fine. A more elaborate enhancement can always be considered down the road if warranted (i.e. enough people ask for it)


Brad, is there any news about this?

Hi Torsten, I’m figuring this out.
How do I do that?
For example I want to do an automatic change from one vst to an another vst at minute 2 from the backing track wav file.
If I create a .midi file with reaper, how do I do that? How I bind the midi to the song state?

Automatization is the only thing that I couldn’t do with cantabile. thanks!

OK, one step at a time:

  1. create song states in Cantabile for the different configurations you need over the course of the song (you need Cantabile Performer for this!). The first state may be configured to play a piano, the next to play a Hammond, etc. I am assuming you know how to use song states - if not, see @brad’s excellent tutorial videos

  2. create a MIDI track in Reaper or any other DAW that has nothing in it but a specific MIDI command at the times in the track when you want to change to a different configuration. As an example, I am using a MIDI note G3. So, you’d insert G3 notes in this MIDI file whenever you want to move to the next song state. Now save this song as a MIDI file from your DAW. So now you have a MIDI file that does nothing but send G3 notes at specific points in time

  3. Create a media player (I’ll call it Media Player 1) in your Cantabile song and load this MIDI file into it. Make sure that all state behavior is turned off for this media player (otherwise playback could be interrupted by state change). Now create a binding: “Media Player 1 - MIDI Out; Note - G3 → Song States; Next State (Instant)”.

  4. Now let the media player play the MIDI file - your song states should change automatically whenever there is a G3 note being played in your MIDI file. If states are not changing, be sure to check Cantabiles “Options->General->Display Middle-C as…” to make sure that Cantabile and your DAW have the same understanding of what number G3 stands for. Some DAWs and Synths consider “middle C” (note #60) to be C3, others call it C4. Cantabile gives you the option.

Give it a try!




Thank you so much. I never thought to put a note to do the state change I’ll assign the lower key of my keyboard that barely use.
I’ll try that at night, thanks!

Thank you so much, it’s so simple but really useful, it’s working flawlessly!

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See here: Sneak Peak - Transport Triggers