Transport Questions and Suggestions: Different behaviours when stopped/paused/playing

  1. Play/Pause issues

Press Stop.
Press the hot key for “Control - Toggle Play Pause”: Nothing happens (why not?)
Change current song position (e.g. by clicking somewhere in the Timeline Panel).
Press the hot key for “Control - Toggle Play Pause”: It starts playing (why now?)
Press Stop.
Tigger the binding target “Transport - Play/Pause”: It starts playing (this is what I would expect).

Question: Why is the hot key behaving differently from the same named binding? Is this on purpose?

Suggestion: Play/Pause should always start playing - independently of any transport state or position.

  1. Range switching issues

When switching ranges (by either using the drop down menu or a “Media Player #1 - Prev/Next Play Range” binding), behaviour depends on the current play state.
When stopped: Current transport position will always follow the left marker of the range (which is OK for me).
When playing: Current transport position keeps unaffected (why?), unless you swith to a range that is before the current transport position - then transport stops implicitely (why?)

My Suggestion: Always follow the left marker after switching ranges (also while playing). Never implicitely stop.