Thinking out loud: a scripting language for Cantabile

Use named, but restricted as per any programming language type identifier.

Well they’d be associated with the rack, so when the rack is unloaded the variable would disappear.


Sounds interesting, and something as an intermediate step on the route map to a full scripting language?

I have a dream…

When my mixer rack loads up it can figure out which Rack is routed to each of its 8 inputs and embed the name of each of these Racks (or a null, if there’s no input on a given channel) in a Sys-Ex message to an MCU controller, so they are automatically displayed in its scribble strip.

Am I in the right ball park for the capablities of scripting?

I’m thinking there needs to be an extra section between source and target binding sections where user variables can be accessed and guessing this is where some sort of scripting might be needed. This section might allow maths functions on the variable and even conditional logic to be available. I use Bome MIDI Tranlator in this way where for example the target binding definition may or may not be executed depending the value of a use variable. Lots of fun designing this into Cantabile I think.

Binding Expression mapper already supports this. It’s just the support for variables that’s missing.