Talk About Hardware Synths!


All those cool old girls.
Here’s a pic of my synths ,

Hmmm Lacks something …


Aw dude… that’s… just… GRRRRRRR!!! lol


Erm, I’m actually thinking that there just might be LOL!


Oh, I’d have a room full of hardware in a second- if I could afford the techs to service it all, the power to run it, the trucks to move it (not that I’d take it out lol) and of course hit the lottery to be able to buy it all in the first place. I’d have a heck of a collection if I still had all the old stuff I used to have but I sold that gear for good reason. But real keyboard hardware is like porn to me :smiley:

But alas, in the harsh reality of the real world virtual wins and it’s not even a contest.


I’ve always had the view that hardware and software are complimentary to my workflow. That’s one of the primary reasons I have never sold any of my hardware. Most of the time, I was in the right place and the right time but it has taken thirty years to get it all together.
The tech side of it doesn’t bother me because I am a qualified tech. The power isn’t an issue because I have solar panels and batteries and don’t have power bills any longer. The trucks and roadies aren’t a problem because 99 percent of what I do now is studio based but I have used the full rig a few times live.

Having said that, I’m loving what Cantabile is giving me with software synths right now. It really gives me the ability to treat u-he, Native Instruments, AAS, Waves (love their new Wurli 200A), Night Flight (great JMJ Eminent sounds) and all the other soft synths as hardware instruments.
I can literally run them on a dedicated machine which is physically connected to a keyboard and an audio input to my recording rig without needing to set the recording rig to low latency half way through a complex mix if I want to record new parts.

This is really a luxury and I’m loving it!!


Rather than clutter this topic with off topic posts on software synths, I made the following topic inspired by what I’ve read here about Arturia software, in particular, your mention Ade regarding the CS80. I figured I’d post a link here so those getting email updates on this topic will see it.

Thanks in advance guys.


Did anyone else spot the two modern synths in this setup?


Thought I’d add a brief update to this topic. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been steadily building an MU modular rig so I figured I’d share a photo of it. Since this photo was taken, I’ve purchased two new modules and another Moog synth (a Mother 32).
Next up, I will be building a bigger cabinet for the modular and will be building some modules of my own design to go in it.
As you can see from this photo, the synth is already outgrowing the current cabinet.


Dude… you suck. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley:


LOL Fred!!! :rofl:


I finally got rid of all my old analog gear- MiniMoog, MemoryMoog, etc. Just didn’t have the $$$$ to do the maintenance and they were worth so much cash even in a bad state. But we have a cool little analog shelf again thank to Moog and Behringer:

The MiniD is really pretty dang sweet. And MIDI-able.


I’ve heard plenty of good things about the Behri D Fred. From what I can gather, any audible difference between it and a Moog D would probably be more to do with component tolerances than design.