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Hm not in the playlist?
You can still only see the next 2 songs :-/

Other idea: it would be handy to see the bpm in the setlist on the left, because lot’s of people select their live playlist by tempo match.


Here’s a minor request. (Probably very quick to code though.)

Could the plugin Loading window include the path of the plugin currently being loaded? This would make it easy to identify slow-loading ones.

It’s true that if it sticks on (say) “10 of 15” for a while, I can inspect the log file and count until I reach the 10th plugin load entry to discover which plugin it is. The enhancement would save having to do this.

@brad, can you confirm if “10 of 15” means it’s currently loading the 10th plugin? Or does it mean that the 10th plugin has been loaded and it’s currently loading the 11th?


Hi @Danny,

I’d need to double check on whether it’s just loaded 10 or about to load 10. You’re right though, showing which plugin is loaded would be handy… Logged it.



I’m learning how to use the players. When I use audio loops, I need a function that let me to move the audio to right or left without moving the markers.
Another alternative would be to move both left and right markers at the same time. The idea is do not to change the time between markers.
These functions would allow me to modify the start time of the loops without modifying the duration of the loop, so that it continues synchronized to the tempo.


Next build will include two improvements:

  1. The set list panel and the song states panel (not rack states) now try to keep the current song/state as the third item in the list - allowing more upcoming items to be visible. Like This.

  2. The song load dialog now shows the name of the plugin that’s loading. The name is the name you gave it in the song, not the plugin path.



I love that first one!


Build 3518 (available now) includes these two improvements

(I hoped to include more in this build, but got sidetracked for a day with RolandCloud issues).


I love them both! Great update!