Suggestion: Scrolling Documents and/or Text

I’ve tried Set List Maker and find the ability to autoscroll
documents extremly helpful.
If Cantabile would have this feature i can leave my iPad at home :wink:

You can set the Duration of a Song and a corresponding Document or Text.
Autoscroll will automatically start scrolling so that it reaches the end of the Document by the end of the song.

Especially for new Songs my Dacumentation is somewhat extensive and most of the time i have not hands free for page-turning :frowning:

Maybe a interessting feature for others too?!


For the moment: look here:

and it plays very well with Cantabile:

If you use LivePrompter in windowed mode (not full-screen, as it normally runs), you can have Cantabile and LivePrompter side-by side (or someone even has LivePrompter overlaying Cantabile)

And LivePrompter uses ChordPro format textfiles - like Set List Maker does.

But where LivePrompter goes one step further: it allows you to put time markers in your songs to define EXACTLY where you want the “cursor” to be at what time. Problem with most other scrolling prompters is that they only allow you to define an average scrolling speed. But sometimes a chorus takes the same time as the verse, but is only 1 line long - this is where most song prompters get lost. In LivePrompter, you simply insert tags in your text file that tells LP when it should reach the respective point, like Verse 1, Chorus 1, Verse 2, etc. It then calculates different scrolling speeds, which makes the whole experience a lot easier.

Plus, it allows 1-key operation: one pedal for Play, Pause, Continue, Next Song - you can run the whole show with just one pedal or key.

Give it a try - it’s free! I’ve built it for my own use; it works perfectly for what I need to do, but I’d love to see others using it as well!



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Hallo Thorsten,

thank you for the Hint!
I’ll give it a try.

I like to notice some staff-snippets of the songs as a reminder
therefore i’d like to have jpg support.

Maybe you have some idea how to get this with ASCII?!
The Timemarkers are definitely a practical feature.
It was my first thought in SLM “and what if i only write ‘chorus’”