Simple explanation for rack state behaviors, please

Could someone explain what the different rack state behaviors are supposed to “do” when they are checked?- what happens when Processing Mode, Selected Rack State, etc., are checked or unchecked?

Hi @LeesKeys,

The control which properties are affected by states. For example if you clear the checkbox on a plugin’s Preset behaviour then switching states won’t save/recall which preset was selected in the plugin. When the behaviour is enabled it will.

Basically sometimes you don’t want a setting to change between states - so you clear the behaviour checkbox and Cantabile will leave it alone.


I found through trial and error that I did not want “selected rack state” or “output gain” to be checked for any of my racks. If for example I’m using an EP rack in two different songs, with a different rack state (i.e., a different EP) for each song, then leaving “selected rack state” enabled caused the EP rack state for Song 1 to be loaded when I opened Song 2, which also has an EP rack. Also disabled Output gain because I don’t always want the same volume level every time the EP rack is loaded; it’s really song dependent.

That said, what do the “Processing Mode” and “Exported State” state behaviors do?


One thing I usually do between song states is have synths not being used go into standby or even have them shut down/unloaded in the other state(s). For that to work, processing mode has to be checked.

If you don’t need that to happen (that is, you simply want outputs or inputs to cease when you change states) then I don’t think you need processing mode checked. I only do it because that was what I was after in the beginning when still new to it all.

(I initially was only using it as a massive patch auditioning tool, so I wanted VST’s and external synths disabled or unloaded when not using them in order to save on CPU power.)


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Processing mode controls whether the rack is running or suspended.

Exported State determines whether state behaviours that have been exported are controlled by the parent song.

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If I check “output gain” under rack state behavior, then the output gain for that rack will be carried over into the next song which uses that rack, correct? And if I use it multiple times, then each time it’s used, the output gain will be what it was set at the first time the rack was used. And conversely, if I change the rack gain in Song 3, then the next time it’s used the gain will match was it was set at in Song 3. Is that right?

Is any of this affected by whether the songs are preloaded into a Set list, versus opened one song file at a time?

Would love to see a video tutorial about song and rack states/behaviors :slight_smile:

Hey Lee,

No That’s not how I think it works. If you are at the song level and you select the rack and check “output gain” then the output gain is programmable for each State in that song ( not the rack state the song state). If you select another song that uses that rack it will load in the state it was when it was last saved (expressly from the file menu). There is no automatic rack saving but there is automatic song saving in the options menu. If you uncheck the “output gain” for the rack at the song level then if you have multiple song states the rack volume will remain where you last set it from state to state inside that song. So if I turn up the rack and change to a new state the volume will remain wher it was last adjusted to. When the song is reloaded it reverts to the last “Saved” condition.

The rack gain will match only if you either save the song manually or set auto save in the options menu.

Hope I made sense…:wink:

thanks Dave, trying to wrap my head around this. The reason I thought it might work the way I described is that for another rack behavior state, “selected rack state”, it does seem to carry over to the next song selected. I found for example, that a previously used EP rack state would load into the next song in my set list if that song included the EP rack. For example, if Rack State 1 was set for a Lounge Lizard EP, then that was showing up when I loaded the next song which included the EP rack, even though I had previously saved a different rack state (e.g. a Native instruments EP) in the second song. I found that unchecking “selected rack state” resolved the problem.

This should never carry over to the next song. Songs should always select a state for their racks when loaded - if not that would be a bug. If you’ve got a setup that demonstrates this, please send me a copy so I can check it out.

Lee is on to something, I tested this and it’s happening here.

  • I load a setlist with 2 songs
  • each song has the same rack (organ, 1 instance vb3, 1 instance Kontakt and each plugin is set to be on in 2 different rack States)
  • Switching from the song list no problems each Song State turns on the correct Rack State with selected plugin
  • Now I load a separate song with same organ rack and it always comes up to a rack state that the rack was last in from the setlist used previously.

Dave, glad you were able to verify what I observed. Can you also verify that after unchecking “select rack state”, the rack state longer carries over from the previous song? Hopefully, @brad can take a look at this.

Hey Lee,

It carries over from previous song even with the box unchecked. It does so in both cases, checked and unchecked.

OK, I’ll check it out.

Logged it here.

FYI: I’ve been logging most issues of late because I’ve been completely slammed with support emails this last week or so. If I’m a bit unresponsive that’s why. That’s also why there was no new video last week.