Set song color via shortcut?


Hey guys, I checked the hotkeys and then went to the bindings (PC keyboard commands), but seems there’s no way to set a song color in the setlist by shortkeys?
Would be handy on stage to mark it quickly as a note to edit a song later.


Use a mouse here. Works well. All my set list songs have color. I understand you would rather use hotkeys, but don’t understand trying to do it on stage. If anything needs attention, which is rarely, I can remember it till I get home, and deal with the problem at home, or on break.


I don’t remember that long :joy::joy::joy:
Honestly what happens on gig night is mostly so overwhelming. And getting under the hood , of c3 that is, mostly happens later that week :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink: when i recuperate from the weekend… To start a new weekend :joy:


THAT is a loooooong nap! Reminds me of the meth crashes my son used to have…3-4 day sleep fest. :disappointed: