Sending high patch numbers to external synths

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Hi all! I’m new to Cantabile, just got the Performer version, and learning to use Song Load for program changes. I have a number of hardware synths. One (Juno-DS) has patches with very high numbers (953), but not banks listed. I’m trying too send that change as Bank 7 #57, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Is this the correct method? THanks in advance! chris

What is the total number of patches that machine holds? It doesn’t literally go from 001 to 999 does it? How do they number/break down?

Hi Fred! I’m not exactly sure, it’s more than 1000, I’ve never looked. They’re divided into banks like Voice, Brass, Strings, etc., but the Patch Number shows on screen as well. I’m trying to hit Voice 070 Patch 0953, which is a phasy, Q-shifty sort of sound. I divided the Patch number by 128 to get Bank 7, and 57 was the remainder.

You’ll need to check the synth’s MIDI Implementation chart to see how it expects program numbers for those high patch numbers to be sent. I’d be surprised if it’s anything other than a standard banked program change in which case Cantabile should be able to handle it just fine.

(Tip: if you enter a high number for a program number anywhere that Cantabile expects a bank/program number, it’ll automatically convert it to the correct number format.


Hi Chris,

the bank scheme is a bit convoluted with the Juno-DS (as it is with most Roland synths): this is what the manual says:

It gets interesting on the second page - as I understand this, sending banked change 87.0.1 would get you user patch 501, PC 87.0.2 gets you user patch 502, etc. PC 87.64.1 gets you Preset 1, PC 87.73.1 gets you “DS Preset 1”, whatever that is.

So it seems you really need to know what kind of patch (user, preset, expansion, etc) you want to get to and choose the right bank select combo from the manual.

I recall similar acrobatics with my JV-2080 - not very intuitive, but logical in a Japanese Mad Scientist kind of way…




Thanks guys! I’ve never really used MIDI in any complicated way, normally just set the patches myself, and played them with a controller, so this is all a little new to me. I appreciate your answers, and will check on the japanese mad scientists this evening. Cheers! chris

I would just resave the patches you need to the low numbers. :wink: