Seeking Feedback on Preset Model feature

Thanks Brad.

Can I make a suggestion?
If you are going to change the number of presets then I think the default should be 128 so that current users of presets (including myself) are not affected by any changes.
A new system could include an option in the plugin menu to “increase preset slots”. Then the user could enter any number (not just multiples of 128) which would be added to the current number of slots and this number remembered by cantabile for this instance of the plugin.

This should help to minimise the size of cantabile’s rack files compared to the option of just increasing the slots in multiples of 128.

This option could be selected at any time and not just when the plugin is first inserted.
I hope you don’t mind me adding to your workload.

Many thanks

Hi Brad

You asked me to remind you about increasing the number of presets in cantabile. Have you had a chance to look at it yet?


Hi @baz,

Sorry I haven’t got to look at this yet (super busy wrestling with the new Bindings work I’m doing).

Also, on thinking about it more I’m wondering whether a better approach would be to just make the preset list completely dynamic - ie: add as many presets as you like. But, that’s a bigger job and I haven’t had a chance to work through the ramifications of such a change.

I’m planning to take a few days break from bindings to tackle this and some other outstanding issues, either later this week or early next week.



This will be in the next build:


Hi Brad
Looks good.
If I increase the number of presets for a plugin to , say 172, what happens to the existing 128 presets which contain data?

  • If you increase the number, existing presets will persist.
  • If you decrease the number, any presets in the truncated range will be deleted. Presets with numbers less than the new count will be kept.

Hi Brad
That’s absolutely superb.

I look forward to getting the new build so I can re-organise my song structures in Cantabile.

Many thanks for your efforts.


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