Scrolling Show Notes on Touch Screen - Slight GUI Issue

I finally got around to typing in enough lyrics in a song, that now I must scroll down to see the balance of the lyrics in the “Show Notes” section. I am only using a touch screen. Unfortunately when I touch the screen just once it turns blue and there is no way of getting it to be Un-Blue unless I go in and edit the screen and click somewhere in the body of the edit window and click ok.

I was hoping that maybe editing would not be allowed in Live Mode and that the blue screen behavior would be eliminated. But one click still produces a blue screen in the “Show Notes” section of Live Mode.

Brad, Maybe you could allow editing only in the Non Live View mode, or not have the color change blue, or some other fix so that scrolling can be achieved without a screen color change. Is there currently a work around or should I be posting this suggestion somewhere.

Again, thanks for an AMAZING product. I am slowing working on getting my songs and set lists built out, so that I can use it live, and really excited.

One workaround would be to split the song into sections (with song states) and have different lyrics appear for different sections, then step through the sections with a pedal or suchlike. Then you wouldn’t need to scroll manually at all.

Hi John,

Thanks I’ll check that out - obviously less than ideal, but perhaps Neil’s suggestion can get you by in the meantime.

Logged here


Brad, it isn’t the end of the world. If you can just slate a fix for the next year, I will happily live with it for the while. I am sure that it can be neatly squeezed in between Suggestion # 258 and #259 on your to do list. :slight_smile:

Hey John,

in the meantime you can try my little tool: LivePrompter.

Idea is to have a (mostly) hands-free lyric view that scrolls with your song.

I’m currently thinking about ways to integrate it more closely with Cantabile (adding MIDI control to LivePrompter could help), so that e.g. switching songs in Cantabile also switches songs in LP), but currently, I live quite happily with both tools side-by-side: Cantabile on my stage laptop and LivePrompter on an 8 inch tablet right on my masterkeyboard.