Route error - unknown source MIDI port 'Main Keyboard' SELF-SOLVED


Some Technical comments

The OP was regarding ‘Main Keyboard’ showing up as an error in set list verification. This issue is only possible when the songs in the setlist still have ‘Main Keyboard’ references that have not been removed. This is a fact that is tested and true with this software. I suggested using the Alias feature to ease the workload of editing all the songs in the set list and that also is a tested and true way to fix this problem. Without your files to examine we are stuck and forced to trust your insistence that it is not working as I described above at your place with your setup. So there is no issue to report to the developer to fix because as far as we know it all works and the ‘SELF SOLVED’ claim is a bunch of bunk.

Now some not technical comment for @TexasEdition

I do hope you get a working performance rig together whatever you end up doing. I love performing art and that includes yours. Good luck with it!