Revisiting VST 3


Hey Derek

I am noticing most developers producing VST3 are still offering VST2 within the same package. Also, the majority of the developers haven’t jumped on the VST3 train yet. I suspect 2 will still be around for quite awhile…but what the heck do I know. :grin:


I notice that switching over to VST3 is going to require some rebuilding. I haven’t worked with Multi Configs yet. I wondering if that is the best way to have your old VST2 setup and a test VST3 config.

What I haven’t understood from the docs is if you can have the configs use a separate file location of the songs to make this suggestion work. Can anyone clarify?


Yes. Set up the config to point to a new directory in \Users<your name>\AppData\Local\Topten Software\Cantabile 3.0(x64) (newname)*

Best way to do that is to copy your existing config. The (newname) with parenthesis is the new config directory. After you have that sorted and your directory is working, start C3, go to Tools-> Options -> File Locations. That’s where you set different directories for Racks, Songs, etc. Check the C3 instructions, but after that you create a Windows Shortcut and point it to the new AppData config directory–the one with the parenthesis.

Set your file locations where ever you want and that information will be saved in JSON config files in the AppData directory. Shouldn’t be a need to muck around inside the AppData directory.

*Your directory may be slightly different if your running 32-bit or have other systems settings different.

(Now @Neil_Durant can follow along with a much better explanation, screen shots, a video, and whatever corrections are required :grin: )


Hi, Corky, yes I agree. I will slowly migrate to VST3 where I can, but for synths no longer in development, then JBridge and VST2 will remain the only option to run them. :slight_smile:

It still bugs me that I paid Steinberg good money for Virtual Bass and Virtual Guitar, but out of the box, Cubase no longer can run them. JBridge is needed and they run fine. And of course the original Wizzoo team who produced them are now UJAM, so I am checking out their latest.



I own the UJam plugs. They work well in C3 and the DAWs I have, but I only really use them occasionally in live performance. They are good for setting a groove in a DAW, but for me, I would rather play the parts myself. Just my preference.

Also, repeating myself, I run my VST3’s thru Blue Cat via C3. They work great and BC is virtually unnoticeable. So I have the best of both worlds. I praise @brad for taking on this difficult challenge. It will not only put C3 on a higher shelf (not that it isn’t already), it will be ready to take on the future implementation of VST3.




Thanks for confirming using the Multi Config. I set it up as specified and it’s going to work great for testing the VST3 config without breaking the stable VST2.


Yeah, I wouldn’t use UJAM plugins live, more for studio inspiration as bass and (to a lesser extent, guitar) is not an instrument I am comfortable with.

Indeed yes, kudos to Brad for adding it means I do not have to investigate Blue Cat now. :slight_smile: