Recording Volume Help


I am trying to record my playing using the “Main Speakers (Audio Output)” port. Which volume slider should I be adjusting in order to end up with a louder .WAV file? It’s too quiet no matter what I do.



Hi jqlevy and Welcome!

Here are some controls that will adjust the Main Output levels. Try them and see if it helps your situation. You could also turn up all the inputs (the gain slider on the Plugin or Rack slot) if there is no clipping on the various slots you might have.

Hope this helps … :smiley:



Go into Tools | Options | Audio Ports and set the level for each Input Channel you want to record (i had to set mine to 500% to get a reasonable level).


– Jimbo


Thanks for your responses.

I already tried adjusting everything suggested by @dave_dore. While it definitely makes everything louder in my headphones while I’m playing, the volume of the actual recording doesn’t seem to be affected at all. Still too quiet.

@JimboKeys: I tried what you suggested except with my main speakers output port (there are no input ports listed except for my microphone). Changing the mix level to 500% didn’t have any noticeable affect on the volume of the recording.


I’ve found a “workaround” that seems to work well enough for me: amplifying it in Audacity after recording.

Not sure if I am compromising the audio quality by doing this, though. As you can tell I am new to this stuff.