Recall scenes on A&H QU-24 chrome Mixer with footpedal through bindings

Hi, I am new in here:

What I want to do:

Footpedal → Novation SL 61 MK3 → Cantabile Performer (Bindings in background rack) → send midi message to QU-24 to recall another scene when pedal is pushed and to switch back to former scene when released.

  • Footpedal: Roland DP10

  • Novation Components: to define the midi-type of the pedal signal.

Options in Novation Components for configuring the pedal:
Behaviour: - Momentary
- Toggle
- Inc/Dec
- Trigger

Assignement: - CC
- Note
- Program Change
- Song Position

Scene Recall
Qu uses Bank Select and Program Change messages for Scene recall. Only Bank 1 is used.

Transmitted Scene message:
Qu transmits this message when a Scene is recalled using the touch screen or a SoftKey:
(Bank1 MSB) (Bank1 LSB) Recall Scene
BN, 00, 00, BN, 20, 00, CN, SS
Where SS = Scene1 to 100 = 00 to 63 (see table)

Received Scene message:
Qu responds to the following message if Bank1 is currently selected:
Recall Scene
Where SS = Scene1 to 100 = 00 to 63 (see table)

To set Bank1:
Qu will ignore Scene change messages if the Bank is not set to 1.
(Bank1 MSB) (Bank1 LSB)
BN, 00, 00, BN, 20, 00

If I create a binding (source SL61 MK3 to target QU-24) I am not able to set a value for the program change binding:

Thanks for your replies!

Hi ThomFuerhapter and Welcome!

There are 4 types of MIDI CC controllers available, Continuous Controller, Continuous Fine, No Edge Button, Button and Switch. You are using Continuous Controller try Switch instead and you can see if it will do the job. This example below is for a straight program change but the same ability is there for banked program changes.

Hope this helps … :slight_smile:


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Now I want to do a scene recall:

According to the midi protocol document, the pc has to sent
B5, 00, 00, B5, 20, 00, C5, 48

My QU-24 Chrome is set to MIDI-channel 5, daw midi channel 6, I want to recall scene 73.

I use Cantabile 3 Performer:

The bank select and program changes have to be in one of the following formats

  • pr eg: “30” = bank 0 program 30
  • - eg; “10.20.30” = bank msb 10, lsb 20, program 30
  • - eg: “10.30” = bank 10, program 30
  • eg: “1000.30” = bank 1000 (where Cantabile will calculate the msb/lsb), program 30

said here:

I tried a banked programm change with the CC-Translator in DAW Control (see attached picture)

  • 00.20.73 (first channel fader moves down to -infinite)
  • 1.73 (first channel fader moves down to -infinite)
  • 00.32.73 (nothing happens)

I made a midi foot switch: (see midi monitor picture)

For reference, including my email reply to @ThomFuerhapter for anyone else wondering about this stuff…

At the moment I am struggling to send the following bank select and program changes from cantabile to the mixer:

For scene recall:

B4 00 00 B4 20 00 C4 48

I tried bindings with banked program changes, but did not managed to execute a scene recall.

That looks like a straight banked program change. To decode this for you

B4 00 00 => B = CC message, 4 = MIDI Channel number (ch 5 cause it’s zero based), 00 hex (0 decimal) = CC number (Bank Select MSB), 00 = msb bank number

B4 20 00 => B = CC message, 4 = MIDI Channel number (ch 5 cause it’s zero based), 20 hex (32 decimal) = CC number (Bank Select LSB), 00 = lsb bank number

C4 48 => C = program change, 4 = MIDI Channel number (ch 5 again), 48 = program number (48 hex which is 72 decimal).

So a binding that sends this data would look like this:

Some notes:

  • Channel numbers are typically displayed 1 based (ie: first channel is 1), but in the hex encoding you provided they’re zero based. 0 = ch1, 1 = ch2 etc…

  • The program number in what you provided 48 hex is 72 decimal (which is what Cantabile expects you to enter)

  • Cantabile by default (you can change this in options) works with 1 based program numbers too. So you need to convert that to 73 when you enter it.

  • When entering banked program numbers, for bank zero you can just leave it off. Choose “Program Change (Banked)” as the event and enter 73 and you’ll get a banked program change sent.

  • You can double check what Cantabile is sending by going to Options -> Diagnostics and turning on Console Logger and Log MIDI Out Events. You should see something like this:


Unfortunately, I mixed up some settings. Now it is working.
I attached one picture to sum up the right settings for those who need to know it.