Quite a newbie on cantabile-Lite, Midi sequencer to go with it


Hi folks, I actually had cantabile installed some years ago, the computer went down and I had no time to fix it or try it out again at that time.

Anyway,I just today installed cantabile lite v.3,0 now…but I thought there was a midi sequencer inside of it, but I reckon not? or if that is a limitation of the lite version?

Is there by any chance a free midi sequencer that works well with cantabile?
And how is cubase working with cantabile? if I in the future would like to purchase that?


Cantabile is really intended to manage VSTs as you play live. It does include a media player that will play MIDI files. https://www.cantabilesoftware.com/guides/mediaPlayers


Media Players are only available in Cantabile Solo or Performer - not in Lite.


Good point. Support your local developer by purchasing an upgrade level! :wink: