Program names don't display when importing bank for a plugin


When a plugin is opened and I click the dropdown menu in the top right corner, and choose to import an existing bank, after importing it the names of the programs in the bank are not imported. The programs themselves are. Can this be fixed?


Sounds like a bug. I’ll check it out, logged it here.

Is there a particular plugin you’re seeing this with?


Yes, I have this with Amplitube 3. It may be with all plugins though - haven’t checked with other plugins yet.


I’ve had a look a this and can reproduce it in Amplitube 3 in Cantabile 2 and 3 and at least one other host. Can’t reproduce it with other plugins.

I guess this is an Amplitube issue but let me know if you see it with other plugins too.


Looks like the problem I identified in this link was already looked at. Anything we can do to shake up IM Multimedia for this Amplitude problem?