Problem with MIDI/USB adapter

Hi guys, this my first post on the forum, and hope you can help me with a problem.

I have Yamaha WX5 wind instrument that I’m trying to use with Cantabile installed on a laptop running 32bit Win10. I have various VSTs loaded and have purchased a MIDI/USB adapter to connect everything together.

Problem is nothing is happening! The WX5 is generating MIDI data but there’s no sound from the laptop. If I’m honest, I’m not sure how to set up Cantabile to take account of the incoming data so any suggestions would be greatfully received.

On a separate subject, I tried loading Hypersonic and it crashed Cantabile, which is a shame because I don’t have access to a lot of wind instrument sounds. :frowning:


There are many videos and user guides on the support page that will get you there quicker than a long delayed, and detailed conversation. If you get your routing setup properly, as well as defining your ports, you will be on your way. Get those basic setups done, and I, or many others will be glad to help. The support pages are chock full of info for beginners. Posting more info about your rig setup is a must because it is essential for someone to help you.



Below may help as well:


Thanks, all working now. :grin: