Problem With Controllers and Routing

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While trying to recreate my routing dropouts, I came across something I wasn’t aware of. I checked all the boxes in the Options>Midi Ports>Main Keyboard, just to see if any of them would mysteriously uncheck. One of those available was my Line 6 foot pedal. Since it is checked now, it automatically becomes a volume pedal for my main keyboard, no bindings. Was this something already known, or something new?



Hi Corky,

It’s been there all along. Bindings for pedals like that assume you filtered the input routes to just ‘notes’ usually so when he pedal is included in the port checkboxes it means it is going directly to the rack or plugin with no filtering and allowing it to work with no binding necessary.



Thanks Dave! That is really cool. This may have some bearing on my state changes going awry recently. Would it also cause the footswitches to do something unexpected, especially with other bindings for them?


No prob Corky, I do it on all my MIDI input routes and use bindings for specific CC stuff



OK…learn something new everyday. Thanks for the info. Something new to play with. :wink:


Yes, depending on the assignments they would be free radicals! It would send a message direct to the rack or plug and send another cc message from the binding …


I used to be a free radical, so I know how that works. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Thanks again. :peace_symbol: