Possible to use the microphone input from the laptop for vocoder?


I’m running asio, but either way, is it possible to use the microphone input from the laptop?
It would help me as a solution to run some vocoder plugins.
Seems i cannot define this port in the settings?


You can use what ever audio input/outputs you like so long as they all come through the one asio driver… and that’s where the problem typically lies because if you’re using a dedicated ASIO driver with your sound card, the laptop microphone won’t be available via that driver.

I’ve been reluctant to add multiple driver support to Cantabile because I think it will create too many support issues. The best work around now is to use a virtual audio cable (Jack, VoiceMeeter etc…) to consolidate your audio devices into one.



Any compelling reason not to use a mic through your main interface??


This is just a lightweight laptop mic for the vocoder. I already have a mic before my nose. :blush:
Thx for the pipeline tip.
Is there a freeware for that?


I’m just wondering why the vocoder needs a different mic.


The singing Mic is routed via the audio system


I run mine in/out with no plugs until I activate the vocoder. You do need an extra out for that of course, and you’ll get some minor latency depending on buffer and sample rate settings.


Oh you mean it’s not going to the computer at all, right… Well get a splitter box and split a signal to the computer for when you need it for the vocoder :smiley:


Yeah Im aware of the latency so that’s why i rather prefer mic via the PA system. And would prefer a portable mic for that vocoder.


Why is it always about what YOU want??!!



I’m not sure I understand what you mean with “portable” mic, all of mine are portable.


Is that my wife talking? :joy::joy::joy:


Portable as wearable haha, some lightweight mic to hang on my shoulders


One of those old tv preachers, like Ernest Angly, used to have this gigantic neck harness with a big podium mic coming out of it, I wish I could find a picture now :smiley:


ok getting closer,
I installed voicemeeter
and got the pc mic input to the asio Motu out.
and I get a signal flow.
only now, where do I direct this to my C3? it’s not in the audio ports settings?


I haven’t used Voicemeeter but generally with these apps you have to route everything to/from it and then select Voicemeeter as your ASIO driver.


think i’ve found it, but just not a way to deactivate the internal mic when the external is connected. I keep on looking :slight_smile:


(from Wikipedia - Lavalier microphone)


where can I hire her :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Something like that :smiley: