Plugins sound thinner through Cantabile?

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Are you using the FocusRite driver on the stand alone? I have no loss with stand alone, compared to Cantabile. I notice you have all the Neural plugs in one song…that has to be quite a load on your CPU. I use Cantabile performer, which allows me to create racks for each plug, and state changes to switch parameters within the plugin. I have a Line 6 FBV MK II pedal, which I use to change parameters, all done with bindings.
I also do not understand your midi in from the FocusRite to the plugin. Can you explain a little further?

Hi thanks!
I am using focusrite asio driver on both, yes. The standalone has better bass response, and fuller Reverb and delay. All the parameters are matching n each.

I have a Morningstar MC8 5 pin’d into the Focusrite. Cantabile recognizes the midi signal as if it’s coming from Focusrite. On the mc8 I have a dedicated bank for each plug-in. In each bank, I can have 14 buttons with multiple actions each.
The way I have this set up is each plug in has 3 bindings: Bypass/Show GUI/Solo exclusive. One button calls all 3 bindings for one plug-in. Brings one to the forefront and mutes the others. I like this.

All 5 in one song doesn’t seem to bother my desktop. But if there’s a better way, then please let me know.
Right now my concern is the audio.

I perform live, and have many songs, from several bands I was playing with, pre-covid. Cantabile can do many things, in many ways. I do what works for my particular situations, as most everyone here does.
In my case, I normally have 40 songs lined up for the evening, with several extras at the end of the set list. So, if I make a rack containing, let’s say Neural Cory Wong. In that rack, I will create presets, fx settings, changes in amps or cabinets or fx. The thing is, I will have every setting I use in multiple songs within that one rack. I can change anything with a switch…sometimes similar to a footboard. I can add extra settings at any time.
Throughout my set list I may have that rack in several songs. The beauty of it is, I only have to load the rack once, as it is shared in other songs. It conserves load time and RAM usage. The settings within that rack can be changed in a blink of an eye with a foot pedal switch, or a keyboard press. I can link a switch directly to a parameter, or a song state.
If you put your different plugs in racks, they don’t have to reload with every song change. Hope this makes sense. It is more efficient, and quick.

There are several gain stages throughout Cantabile, from input, to plugin, to plugin out, to main out. Try tweaking those gains to get it where you want it.

The rack setup sounds cool. I’ll look into for sure. I’m just kind fumbling through it, so I’m not married my current setup at all.
I have the plugins at their default settings to match the standalone. I have to pull down input on Cantabile a little too edge off the peaking, and I am maxing output. Maybe I’ll have more control in rack?

Yes…more stages in the rack. If you can, capture a pic of your song page so I can see the gains. My Focusrite has a volume knob, and I use it many times to adjust output while playing.

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Thanks , but I need the other view. Upper Right corner tab looks like columns.

Hmm, I’ve heard that a couple of times. Usually one of two reasons:

  1. stereo vs. mono: sometimes plugs lose punch when summed to mono somewhere in the path (phase cancellations). I had that issue with S-Gear: when inserted on a mono channel in Cubase, the output sounded very different. This was the result of some internal summing to mono. So check that the signal path is the same in your standalone app and Cantabile (both stereo input, stereo output). A typical symptom of stereo vs. mono is a damage to bass response and effect depth.

  2. Gain staging: First, anything sounds better when it’s louder, so check output levels between Cantabile and standalone. Also, the sound depends on the level going into the plugin, so make sure that both versions are hit with the same level.



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You are nearly maxed out…especially your main outs. As @Torsten said, make sure you are getting a strong signal out of Focusrite into Cantabile. I use Scarlet mixing software for my Focusrite. I don’t know what FR software is equal to your particular device.

I have the Scarlett 18i8. The software is called Focusrite control. It’s very limited. For this situation I use output preset “system playback”, but I don’t see much for tweaking, or raising signal. On the front of the Focusrite, I have the input knobs set around 11 o’clock. Any higher than that, it’ll start to clip.
But the settings on focusrite are the same when comparing Cantabile with standalone.

Edit: I use headphones 1 for monitoring. I just figured I’d share a pic, in case we were talking about something different.

Seems like the way to get to the bottom of this would be to record the output of both DAWS in question, volume match the results and then blind A/B it. Then you’d know. I’m with Torsten- I suspect the culprit is volume matching and perceiving louder as better.