Playing live with just a laptop


Torsten, are you sure you didn’t spend some time in the deep U.S. south? Loved it! This rivals a guy I heard last winter tell someone he was getting a cold and “snifferin” around. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

In Jest



Well, I did spend some time in Louisville, KY - but that’s not really deep south :wink:


Honestly - this is not about having the last word, but it’s about giving useful and practical advice.

I would LOVE to find something that helps me replace my VoiceLive with a piece of software. But Nectar can’t really replace a VoiceLive for live usage; still you keep claiming that it can.

Just trying to keep things factual…




hahaha fair enough. But I AM being factual. Nectar DOES do what I need and works exactly for me, the way I have described. I am more of a “I want to control what I hear” sort of guy and rely a lot less on
’machine generated" stuff. For this purpose Nectar (and prior to that the Harmony-M module) does exactly what I need, so yeah I am being factual too, really.

As I wrote at the end of my second last post, whatever works. You like convoluted and arcane setups with a myriad of controls and various racks doing all sorts…I prefer a simple song by song setup with just the basic requirements. Whatever works for you man, all good.

Peace to you brother :slight_smile: