Output Volume to Board Too Low


yeah, that’s why we usually bring our own “desk” (simple stage box mixer with ipad control - Mackie DL32S) - doesn’t take up any space and we simply feed a stereo signal to the house. For the actual mixing, we either bring someone along (our daughters are now sufficiently competent and still happy to help us when they can) or just hand the house tech our iPad - locked to just the volumes, so they can’t mess too much up.

And if the basic input gain levels are set right during setup / soundcheck, there’s less to go wrong during the gig.


Hah! I’ve been really shocked at the sound personnel situation a few times. So I’m trying to prepare for the worst…


Good idea, because the worst WILL come eventually.


Good idea, but not in Memphis…the iPad would be sold on the street before gig ends. :smirk:

Absolutely, which is what we do, unless sound check is not possible, then you fly by the seat of your pants. I always save venue settings in the board memory. That helps a lot. Makes a good starting point for future gigs at the particular venue.


Yeah, you’d probably have to lock it down or tie it to the bar…


Lol. Doubt that even a titanium cable would secure it. Some of the golden with diamond “grills” I’ve seen would easily bite through the cable. The crazy world we live in!