Opening Cantabile Songs in Safe Mode?

I’ve got a plug in that has a problem opening in Cantabile. I’m about 100% sure that it’s the recent Windows Upgrade to Creators Edition that sparked the failure, as I had to load my license again following the update. I’m pretty certain that if I could get into the song, delete the plug in, and then reinstall it, things will start to work again.

The problem is, when I try to open the song, the SFZ plug freezes Cantabile and it generates an error which forces restart of the program.

Is there a way to open a song in “safe mode”, where it won’t attempt to load the plug in, so I can get the file open to be able to work on fixing the plug in issue? Sonar projects can be loaded as such by pressing the shift key while clicking on the file. Is there similar function in Cantabile?

Thanks in advance for the assist!


Remove the plugin from your plugins folder.
That’s your easiest option.

There is a way to start up Cantabile without starting the audio engine, if that helps. You modify a shortcut to Cantabile thusly:

Make certain you have a space between the last quotation mark and the /dontstartengine part.

Here is the thread that came from.

But, yeah, what Ade said.


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that won’t stop plugins loading, Terry

Yeah, I suspected as much.


That’s doable, and also probably the most comprehensive approach. If I uninstall it, it will come out of the folder, which will allow me to get into the song file and delete it. Then I can reinstall it, add it back to the song file, cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Hi there
You don’t even need to uninstall it.
You can drag it out of the VST folder to a safe location.