Not Good Enough For Morris Day and The Time


Thanks so much!!! I am going to pursue an RME. I understand that they are expensive. I am checking them out.


Should I get the Babyface Pro?


You might as well be asking me which Porsche I should get :grinning:. A friend who has the UI24R doesn’t think it’s ASIO driver is multi-client. Perhaps someone else here can comment on whether the Babyface being multi-client can run along side the UI24R’s ASIO driver. Maybe both have to be multi-client or maybe multi-client is only for two interfaces from the same vendor?


Looks like multi client just means the single USB interface can accept audio from two different programs (ie Ableton and Cantabile)


Yes. I think you are right. What I may try is running C3 and Ableton through the Soundcraft with a 128 buffer size, pound it with a full 11 tracks of Ableton and an instance of O2 inside of C3 and see if I get drops, clicks pops etc. That way I can side step getting an expensive interface and get rid of the USB-P in the setup, as well as, ASIO4ALL. I have gigs on Thursday and the next 2 weekends. Then two solid weeks with no gigs. I may try this experiment then. Still, I was thinking of trying the Behringer for C3 at 128 you mentioned before (I think my son has that exact same one, the HD). Believe it or not, the resource hog is the AMAZING leslie from IKmultimedia. With Blue 3 passing through it it holds C3 at 30-35% just for the organ! Not sure what that is about. But I can’t handle the leslies in VB3II or Blue3. As mentioned above, and which I agree with, I don’t like the Organ at 512, but have to compromise somewhere for the sake of IKmm and O2.


128 is obviously the answer to the crappy analog attack at 512.


Try 256 first, I’m using that and I think the VST’s are responsive


Very true. I will start with that. BTW, I believe the Soundcraft driver IS multi client.