New version of Pianoteq out


For my fellow Pianoteq users, Pianoteq 7 is out now. Has a new Steinway included and a “morphing” feature.

  • Paul


Checked this out yesterday. Like the morphing feature.


I am about to check it out. I have a small issue, though, all my songs in Cantabile are refering the Pianoteq 6 vst, is there any easy way to make the change in all songs? Or, if not, some smart way to handle this before the next upgrade?


Just paid €29 for my upgrade. Still sounds great and still amazingly compact.

And I still think that Pianoteq with the free CP80 model still does one of the best CP80 emulations I have ever heard.


Right click the plugin and choose “replace plugin.” If you have it in a rack, it will change across all your songs. One bit of warning though - you will need to re-save your rack states if you use those states for preset management. Some of the preset names have changed. The Steinway D is now the HB Steinway D (Hamburg). There is also the New York Steinway D which is a new instrument.


Thanks! It is in a rack, however, I only have Solo, so I insert it in a rack from file, so I would expect that I will have to replace it in each song. Still, a huge help that you pointed me to the “replace” function, I was not aware of that one. And I am using the Steinway D quite a bit, so a little more work on that, too. Still, I think it will be worth it (just missed your reply being too busy playing around with the new version - I believe the sound is even better than in the old versions, but did not get around to do a proper a-b test, why bother when I already bought it and was really happy with what I got?!?).

I’ll get going at the upgrade, and probably make other changes to the song setup, I finally found out how to get get the signal from the transport buttons from my SL Mixface into Cantabile (hint: read the #¤%"#¤ manual).


And a follow-up, the replace worked smoothly, but the bank settings disappeared, and I can not use the import/export function, as this is a new plugin. However. seems I can make the setup once, then export the settings and reimport, not a big deal.