New Oberheim EMU from Synapse


My mother loved lunchboxes. My sister had a Beatles one. She was decidedly cooler than I was. For some reason, this is the one she saved.


Godzilla vs Keith Emerson’s Moog Modular


That is hilarious !! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Supercar was great, too.


There is an update for Obsession, version 1.02

  • Paul


Update Obsession 1.03



discoDSP updates OB-Xd VA Oberheim based synthesizer to v2.0


Interseting, have to see what’s changed…


What’s new

  • 7x faster GUI controls.
  • Linux build.
  • Standalone app.
  • Signed and notarized installers.
  • Updated JUCE framework to 5.4.7 for better stability and compatibility.
  • Updated Banks with 2.0 compatibility.
  • Ilkka Rosma Dark Theme.
  • macOS Catalina support.
  • MIDI CC Learn.
  • MIDI CC support.
  • Parameter refactor.
  • XML based skinning.
  • HiDPI (Retina) ready GUI themes.

I like the new dark theme - far more logically laid out:


Nice… MIDI CC Support/Learn is a biggie


Not really with Cantabile - you can use bindings to control any VST parameter, so I don’t really need a plugin to understand CCs directly. In fact, I prefer VST parameters, since Cantabile can read their current state and deal with them intelligently (toggle, feedback).

The real problem are plugins that don’t expose their parameters (or only a subset) via VST parameters. Fortunately, it looks like OB-xd exposes all params via VST.

Just my 0.02 EUR…


Well maybe so but Cantabile isn’t my whole universe… I use Cakewalk and oher DAWs as well. And it’s nice to say “learn”, turn a knob on a controller and go.


W-w-w what? Cantabile isn’t your whole universe? I am so crushed. :disappointed: