New Oberheim EMU from Synapse


Me Needah.



I stand corrected on the Obsession oscillator cross mod, they included it in the top control section. I must now experiment with it as well …


It’s not that the ptach is awesome exactly but it’s iconic and a worthy test because it’s hard to nail exactly. And Geddy’s sounds were always really good. Even with the PPG.


I remember reading an interview, or it might have been something in a tour program, that those original synth sounds had all been sampled for shows from the 80s onward.


I’m not sure if that was true in the 80s but at some point yeah. Just way more reliable. I bet it happened around the Test For Echo tour but I’m just guessing.


Going for more popcorn…:smirk:


Here’s my variation of freebe OBXd Sawyer patch.
I added more spread to the filter and oscillators. Something magical happens when you combine both @Torsten Sawyer-ish patch and mine together at the same time. Well it becomes a 16 voice OBX. :slight_smile: Getting closer!

Sawyer mp3 file. - 1st is mine, then Torsten’s and lastly both played together.
OBXd sawyer mp3 (1.1 MB)

C3 program file for my Sawyer OBXd. (7.9 KB)


Keep me at the house shut in and this starts happening :rofl:


Just been comparing against the original. Sounds like you are getting close to my ears


I couldn’t resist any more… It sounds so good I had to purchase. :slight_smile:


With apologies to Terry for actually having made this patch but a challenge was there so I gave it a go :grin:. I did some stuff different than OBX II patch so those they can try it I welcome feedback, tweaks etc …

So here’s my first sit down whack at a patch on the obsession plug for those that have the full plug. I found out that a little move can change a lot as far as tone and attack/decay behavior goes! :open_mouth:

Obsession Tom Sawyer Bass (1.6 KB)




BTW here’s the actual sound. And it’s way less complex soloed than I imagined… funny how that is! Very stereo though.


Great sounds Dave!


I’m new to Cantabile, not a keys player and wasn’t much of a Rush fan back in the day…but I was looking for synths to use in some tracks I’m doing and actually using Cantabile to replace my electric guitar rack FX (works amazing btw) and found this thread…

So d/l’d OB-Xd and tried out the Sawyer .Cantabile files above. I used settings from each and come up with something that sounds really close imo. But since I’m new on the forum it won’t let me upload my file! Anyway, thanks Dave_C and Torsten for cluing me in on OB-Xd. Would be happy to email someone my .CantabileProgram if someone wants to post it…


You may have to zip it. Only a few formats are accepted. It has nothing to do with being new. OTOH. welcome to the forum.

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I’m not around my gear for a day or two. Could y’all make some mp3s?? Purty pleeze?


The message says “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

That said, it starts to light up pretty nicely when I use 5 voices, put a bit crusher after it set for 12 bits and use a peak EQ at 2570Hz, Q=.5, Gain=3dB.

I suspect there may be something going on in older hardware that wasn’t 16 bits, but that’s just based on the sound I’m getting putting a bit crusher after it (I’m using Melda’s MBitFun). Definitely takes the “tameness” out of it…


Oops…never saw that before, thus I stand corrected. :pleading_face:

I will PM you my email address if you want me to post it. Just let me know.


Sure, I’d be happy to send it…


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