New Oberheim EMU from Synapse


That’s not the problem - I do know my way around subtractive synthesis. My issue is just that the Arturia tends to sound a bit flat and tame to me, whereas the Obsession just seems to jump out of the speakers. Sure, you can get similar sounds out of them; it’s just a matter of taste and “mojo”…


Well, I do feel rather certain I will eventually own both!

I started with synthesizers in 1972 on two EMI VCS3 Putney synths. To me, starting from “init” is hell - and I know what I’m doing, too! (I am so glad to be alive in this modern age!!!) But that is an interesting observation to hear from you that Obsession seems to jump out of the speakers right from the get-go. (I felt that way about the Arturia, already!) So, I have the demo and I guess I’m in for a bit of a surprise!



I call for:





Cool it raggedy man …:grin: Who rules barter town!


Why Aunty, of course.


Say louder.


(Well, secretly I think that Torsten failed to turn up the spray settings and the contour mapping on the Arturia. Probably left the Fabuol on zero, too. Subtractive synthesis be damned!)*


*of course, I just made all those terms up, but I’m sure they have analogues on the Arturia OB-Xa V somewhere…



Actually, I think it could be a faulty kanuter valve.


That, too.


Synth battle!

No presets allowed :joy::joy::joy:


I’m testing the demo version, It’s not so light for the CPU, Cantabile’s Time Load is 15 to 25% (depend from preset). Well, it’s not so bad, but my old OP-X II is in range 7 to 16%. I don’t know the Arturia, I’m not a fan of the French Developer. Anyway OBsession it worth the $99, it’s a great emulation of the beast, the sound is better than the Sonic Project OP-X II, which is aging not very well. The only good reason to keep such old VSTi is the low CPU requirement


Dammit! I have the demo and I keep forgetting to load it up.


I’m not getting heavy CPU from Obsession. I have OP-X II also and they seem about the same. I still like OP-X II, but i like the sound of Obsession much better. I have found OP-X II’s preset management a bit of a pain too. One thing I do like about O_-X II though is the large amount of presets for classic songs. I’m not that great of a programmer, so I enjoy having these recognizable patches.

  • Paul


Yes, lots off nice presets in Obsession, but there is a lack of easy-to-recognize classic Oberheim sounds. As you said, not all user of a synth have programming skills. I was surprised not finding the “Jump” sound, usually programmed in almost all synths, even non Oberheim-like


The Jump sound is in there. Not in the demo though. Actually, they could have chosen better presets for the demo. The paid version has about 400 sounds. A lot of the sounds seem more CS-80 sounding though. Which isn’t a bad thing for me. I’ve actually never owned the original hardware, so I have nothing to compare to.

  • Paul


That explains my surprise looking so few presets. I prefer fully funcional demo, with expiration date and session running time limited, not a limited sound set.
More, I don’t understand why a OB-X should sound like a CS-80. Big question, I might find the answer in …$99?


Strictly personal opinion.
I am using with personal satisfaction Arturia OBXa and Matrix12.
At a point that I don’t feel urgent to buy any hardware synth. Even a cheap one like Behringer DeepMind. Being a compulsive buyer, this is a remarkable result.
I love Uhe vsts. In case of good discount I will buy Repro 1 and 5 models.


I have no idea, it might just be me. I have never owned an OB-X or CS-80 as hardware, but I’ve been watching a lot of CS-80 demo videos lately and I a lot of the presets have that sound to me. Also, like every synth seems to come with a jump preset, there also seems to some blade runner presets. I played around a lot with Obsession last night and I really love it.

Repro is one of the best vsts out there. Two great soft synths in one package. U-he does not do sales often though.


+1000 for U-HE synths, and they are so good that there is probably constant demand for them so U-HE don’t need to discount that often. :slight_smile:

They are amongst my favourites, but so too are these Synapse VSTs. I love Dune and like Legend as a pretty authentic Mini emulation, so I am going to have to try this Obie emulation from them. :slight_smile:


I been playing with Obsession demo now for a few hours, and I like what I’m hearing. :blush:

The raw stripped sounds of Obsession are very analog & full sounding. I love the fact that they modelled all the oscillator cards independently like a hardware OBXa. Probably helps to make it authentic sounding. But what makes this plugin really come alive for me are the effects, modulation routing, and step sequencer on the back panel. Most the demo samples use these effects to great extent. The reverb is excellent! The shimmer effect in the reverb really shines. I think it’s really suited to this plugin. The modulation routing and step sequencer opens a lot of doors for sound creation too. I’m not sure about the GUI yet. It’s just a different layout to get use to I guess.

I still need to check out Arturia’s latest OB-Xa V for comparison.