New Look Light Theme


“I find a lighter shade on stage hard to use” ~ Corky

I agree 100%. I changed the background in Windows to black so that I was not lighting up my face every time I went to the main screen. Dark themes are vastly preferable when on stage or low-light venues.




I decided to use your “celery” theme after going through a few songs. Last nights gig started very well. My eyes were acclimating to the new look, BUT things went south very quickly when some of the color in my lyrics pages (show notes) clashed with celery theme, and made some of the lyrics impossible to decipher. (I use color change on lyrics to confirm state changes) Other than trying to change lyric colors on several songs, I will be using my normal dark theme at tonight’s gig. :wink:

Thanks for the theme though. I enjoyed it for a short while. My ancient eyes were screaming for the dark theme anyway. :grin:


Thanks for the feedback Corky, I didn’t factor that into things obviously …lol but I was wondering if the default light C3 theme had some of the same effects with you colored lyrics?



Haven’t tried it, but will check it out in a short (departure to gig looming).


Same here lol will check in on it later no worries here and Thanks! Break a leg!


Here is what I have:



The secret is to NOT have color lyrics. Instead, use color backgrounds.

Here is the light theme.


Thanks a bunch @Corky I thought the yellow might have trouble on white but kinda work on celery so go figure! You’re right on about just changing the backgrounds, it fixes it right up. :sunglasses:



Anyone who uses magenta for lyric colors deserves to forget all their lines anyway.

Just sayin’.


P.S. - How do you even sing in tune looking at that color???



The occasional strange color keeps me from falling asleep. :sleeping:

How do I sing in tune with any color? It’s a mystery. :thinking:

Really strange you brought this color stuff up, because…
I, by chance, had a guest on stage last night for a few songs. It was Sam The Sham’s guitar player with his vintage Mosrite guitar used on “Wooly Bully”. He asked to see my “great sounding” rig, and he saw the laptop with lyrics loaded. He said, " How do you read that shit?". He did like my Korg M1 “60’s organ” sound though.