New gig laptop...Intel I7 or I9?


Yep, the Quantums rock.


Great choice for your application imo. Lesson I learned from the video editing world is that its all about cooling and heat sinks for sustained loads. My guess is it would be a similar story for you guys doing heavy VSTi/VST in a live environment. 2U gives you plenty of options to deal with dissipation capacity. And great call fanning the Gator. LOL, the last thing you need is everything throttling down right in the middle of a set!


Yeah I think it will be great for me. I did look at liquid cooling but quickly decided that’s a bad idea for a gig rack. Last night I did notice a little bit of warmth on the top of the unit on the side opposite the pc’s fan , so I may add another in the rack to keep that side cool. Or maybe to the pc itself, have to pull the cover and take a peek. I got the rack fans on amazon and they’re small, relatively quiet fans that use usb power so that’s convenient… in the studio I just switch them off. When I get it all set up and power cords neatly bundled I’ll put some pics in the “Show Me Your Rig” thread.

BTW I was in the video world too… 30 years… and did my fair share of editing, but mostly I was a writer/producer/director. Always amazed me how many musicians were in the Production industry!


Oh I was no pro, just the struggles of trying to edit home movies at a high level, lol. Career wise I retired from developing and marketing business software for the energy sector.


What was it that turned you against LC for this app?


It would have meant going to a larger footprint, like a mid-tower. I like my 2U pc, it’s just the right size and weight. And I read a few posts somewhere that said for a mobile setup like my gig rig, you could potentially run into leakage issues. And I think it may be overkill. Currently in C3 I’m running 1 to 2% CPU load so it’s not even breaking a sweat, and although I have not checked the operating temperature, which I plan to do, it seems to be doing fine. I’m going to test a second fan and see how it goes