Mute button function

@Mistheria Would the button also mute any MIDI output from the rack / media player too? And what about sounds that are routed directly to an audio device inside the rack, and don’t come out of the normal rack output routes?

Like @Torsten, if ever I need to do this, I just disable the rack/plugin. But interestingly, although I use mute buttons in DAWs constantly, I hardly ever find myself needing to do it in Cantabile. Generally the switching of input routes does everything I need. I hardly ever use solo either, for that matter. I use just about every other weird and wonderful feature/setting in Cantabile, sometimes to extremes, but muting and soloing just don’t tend to get used much by me. Not sure why!


Same here. I never once have run into a situation where I’ve though, damn, I wish I could mute this. Disabling is fine.

Similar. I’ve not once felt the lack of a mute. I don’t understand what scenario would require it beyond the disable, pause and stop we have now.