Moving Set Lists and Songs

I notice if you decide to move some existing songs/setlists/racks to a different location, and update that in Tools>Options>Songs, the various files all still internally reference the original location with an absolute path. This might not be what people expect if they’ve just moved everything in their Documents/Cantabile folder somewhere else, as I just did.

It would be really nice to be able to move setlists/songs/racks to a different location and have them still reference each other correctly in the new location, maybe using relative paths, particularly when transferring Cantabile files onto different machines with different folder structures.

Related suggestion - provide support for a new file type, *.cantabileBundle (or suchlike), that’s basically a portable, zipped up set of folders/files.

(via Neil Durant)

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Cantabile actually does save both relative and absolute paths for referenced files (this includes media player playlists, and songs from set lists).

I think what’s catching you out is that it checks for the absolute path first and if the file isn’t found there is looks at the relative path. I should change this and I’ve made a task for it.

Also, the settings Tools -> Options -> Songs etc… only affect the default location of the File Save and File Open dialogs and aren’t used in resolving file locations at all.

TL;DR: if you move everything it should already work. If you copy everything it won’t, but I’ll fix it.

As for the bundle idea… cool idea, but way down on the list.

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